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[Android] Add an entire album to an existing playlist.

It would make a lot of sense to let the user to add an entire album to an existing playlist, apart from a new playlist.

2014-07-23 Hey everyone! You can now add an entire album to either a new playlist or to an existing one when using your Android.
Status changed to: Up for Votes

This would be super useful in both the Mobile app and the Beta site (10 points extra for the website, allows me to get spotify in work around all the security/admin nonsense)


One of my top annoyances with the android app. Seems like an easy fix. I mostly organize by genre, not album.


When I can get the android search to work I always have to move the album on the computer later. 

This is something I'd like to see as well. I think it was possible in the early android app versions.

Exactly what I am currently missing, I do a lot of travelling and mainly organize my playlists on my android devices, so not being able to add an entire album to an exisiting playlist ends up being quite annoying.




I'm practically an album-only listener. I don't care about single songs, so it's an absolute need for me (and speaking from an Android developer perspective, a ridiculous effort to integrate) to conveniently add a whole album to my current offline playlist. Please, make this happen soon.

I've just realised that this still hasn't been integrated. It would be extremely useful to be able to add albums to one playlist, instead of having 20 separate playlists.
Why on earth is this not possible on android yet? On ios you have the add to existing playlist already embedded.... Come on Spotify!

+1, I don't get why iOS has it, and not Android (as I use both an iPad and a Nexus 5, it frustrates me not to find the same features in the two apps)

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