[Android] Bring back swipe down to search / filter

Status: Implemented

I really like the addition of being able to sort Liked Songs by Artist and Album, thank you for that.


However, with that, it's been made unnecessarily more difficult to search for specific songs in Liked Songs by requiring you to push the top right 3 dots and then "Find in Liked Songs".


Please bring back being able to simply swipe down, get the search bar, and type in the song details.

Updated on 2022-07-12

Hi folks,


Thanks for sharing your feedback about this idea in the Community.


We’re excited to let you know that this feature is back! You can access it by simply swiping down on the currently opened playlist - a search bar and a Sort button will appear, allowing you to sort and filter tracks with ease.


Once again thanks for making Spotify better!


The new update is pretty annoying. When you are listening to a playlist, if you want to search for a song or filter the order, you have to click on the three dots then scroll to filter or find in playlist, then you are able to complete these task. 

I think that the old spotify UI where you can just scroll to the top of the playlist and the filter button snd searh bar are already there for convience and it is way faster than having to do all the other unecessart actions. 

Please bring this back!!


What's was the point of this? To lessen the searches done presumably - To what? Save on processing?


Agreed, please bring this back. The point of searching for a song is to decrease the amount of time it takes to play it. Having to go through a 3-button-press process makes it take just as long as scrolling to find the song in the first place. It was a very counterproductive change. 


Totally agree, i'm seriously annoyed every freaking day. Not only is it bad that they moved the search to the more-menu icon, what's worse imo is that the search also doesn't function as a filter anymore.


I have this pretty huge playlist and sometimes i want to listen to 1 artist within this playlist (because i don't want to shuffle between ALL this artist's songs), so i searched for the artist in my playlist and it worked perfectly. That's not possible at all anymore.


Ridiculous that this topic is marked as 'New idea' btw.


Thanks for bringing this back.


Its been over a year since this message was posted.  Is anything being done about this?!


I do not understand how a company can take a conveniently easy idea such as "search bar" and devolve into redirecting its users to another menu. The inconvenience is despicable and to think android users are being treated as lesser beings is out of sorts. Of course iPhones still have the scroll/search function because.. why? Is there a reason that you specifically single out coding to one device ( I know they are 2 completely different systems) when it was the same before? Just please fix asap because I already get another**bleep** from my friends about not having an iphone (although galaxy is superior without question) and dont need another reason to catch flak. 



I would love a toggle for always on Search bar in all playlists.


It makes super slow to do a simple task like search and sorting, it should be more like the deskptop app, it is pretty fast and intuitive to use


Any news of spotify going to reimplementing it again? This had gone for few months mow

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