Android High Quality Saving

Status: Implemented

Hi there,


when I want to save a playlist with the android app to my smartphone, there are two quality options: Low quality with 96kbit/s and high quality with 160Kbit/s.


So here is my question: What is about 320kbit/s? The app for iPhone has a third option for that quality level, and if I want to hear music with good earbuds or in my car I need that better quality.




Yes. I agree this. And for Windows Phone too.


But these days Spotify really care about iPhone Spotify... No updates to Android or WP for months. Smiley Sad


If it makes you feel any better, it doesn't work on the iPhone.


In case you didn't know, all songs on spotify aren't available in 320 kb/s.


I agree with you though.


Why u no update android app to 320 kb/s? U prefer apple/ios?


Doesn't seem to be much of an issue to spot users. I don't think most ppl even realise with their out-of-the-box-headphones. At least the new Android App has brought an incrase in overall volume. No need to put an app on top spot. Beats in some songs are better - it seems for now - but heights are at best mediocre. Some songs still make me put off my headphones immediately. My ears just can't stand it.

I need good sound quality and an equalizer coming with the app. See poweramp for what is possible in quality with high-quality-audio files and a superb player.


Bottom line: Well, you need to take that compromise for having a music streming service like spotify.


Agreed! Please!


The new version of the app now allows you to choose your quality setting

Status changed to: Implemented