Android level ducking - OnAudioFocusChangeListener()

Apps like Soundcloud will lower the volume when a notification or GPS voice direction is played (known as ducking). Spotify still pauses the track. This is much more distracting, particularly when driving.


This Android feature is documented in the Android API.


This request was implemented in the Android app update 1.0.1. If you have any other comments/ feedback please post them here or create a new Idea in this board. Thanks everyone!

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Agreed, now that the support is there...


Maybe we'll see it soon, now the app is getitng better and better!



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Thirded - please change this.


I prefer that it pauses. I don't like to miss any part of the song when a notification or phone call comes in. It'd be nice if it unpauses after.


They should add in ducking, but include an option to have it pause instead.


Agreed this would be a good feature.


Ideally it might best if it's possible to choose what happens for certain types of notifications.Personally I'd like it to reduce volume on some actions (sms, navigation etc) but pause on others (incomming phone call)

This is a great idea, I love the ducking in the Google Music app, now Spotify seems inferior. 😞

Absolutely agree.  I just moved from iOS to Andriod and the ducking feature is something I really miss.  Especially when driving thru a city and the instructions can come very fast it gets quite anoying having the song paused 3-4 times for directions. 


As the previous poster said, Google Play Music Player does include this feature (at least on my Nexus 4), but I use Spotify as my main music player, so I really hope Spotify will add this soon. 


Not having the ducking feature is terribly annoying. I love Spotify, but prefer Pandora simply because of this one feature not being there.


Please be a well behaved app and honor ducking, it should be a no brainer for spotifys topnotch developers.


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This doesn't seem too complicated to change ... and it would be deeply appreciated if you included this in your next release 😃


Just switched from iOS to Android, and music being paused because of a notification is quite ... rude ...


Lowering the volume during it, then taking it back to its original state (just like in iOS) would be topnotch.




Totally with you on this feature request... its driving me up the wall! Almost, to the point of just saying "sod it" and replacing Spotify on my phone!!!!


Using a SatNav screws up the whole music experience (cutting in and out all the time, with every notification). I don't wanna disable notifications in the SatNav, as that would then mean I miss instructions... I just want the music to dull down (maybe 50% cut in volume), and then have the alert/message play over it :S


Pretty please!