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Bringing Spotify to India



      I am from india and i don't listen to lot of music but spotify made me change that.Now i am huge fan of Pop music and spotify.

Spotify is available in india through premium version but a lot of can't afford payment so we prefer the ad-version of spotify to listen to music for free..


We have been eagerly waiting for last few years but till now it hasn't been launched in india. A country with billion people will definetly boost it's popularity and income.Not only india but spotify is not available to other countries also.


 I hope people support this idea and make it possible.

Updated on 2019-02-27

Hey folks,


We're very happy to announce that Spotify is now available in India:


Happy listening!

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Agree. Spotify would not want to loose out on such a huge market.

Moreover, the government has changed, we have a more strong and efficient government.

I don't think Spotify should face any Red tapism since the gov is approving foreign investment quite quickly.


You guys should definitely give it a try. US Prez recently said  - If you are not in India, you are stupid 🙂


I feel India, that has over a billion people today,really has the potential to not only include a wider range of audiences to Spotify (which I hear is facing a lot of heat in the US, what with Taylor Swift removing all her music ), but to prevent piracy that is so widely prevalent here. Also, I feel that plenty of people would be willing to pay $10 (~600 INR) . I have been using the service for over two months (premium) and I can't say I've ever been disappointed.

If not introduce the service in India right away, at least allow for International Credit Card payments so that people here may pay dollars in INR, just like Amazon has done in India.


First choice and preference always would be to launch in India but for the time being if not launch in India, atleast allow us to make payment through Indian credit cards or paypal account.

I surely am missing on a lot of stuff in the free version.



Point taken, my contention is why is spotify not allowing indian credit cards or paypal to make the payment.




I have been trying to find a concrete solution to this problem for the past few days and haven't been successful. I'm in the US at the moment, enjoyed Spotify premium trial and I am so ready to go premium. However, the fact that I won't be able to continue using the premium service once I'm back to India (My home country) makes me really really sad...!   Smiley Sad  It's why I'm staying away from premium for now...! 


As stated a number of times above, please make Indian payment methods available on Spotify. I could understand why you can't launch the service itself in India due to the copyright/distribution issues. But why you can't accept payments from India - a country of 1.25 billion people is beyond my imagination..! 


God bless India...!  😉





We want Spotify!

I agree that the Indian Market is challenging,however the kind of diffrent Genre spotify offers in Western Music it wouldfind a lot of buyers. Please do launch yourself in India

We have been requesting this for a couple of years now. I don't think Spotify is listening to us or interested in launching in India. 

I know its not easy launching in a new country. But i am worried there is no a concrete response from them on this request.

If they launch in India tomorrow, i will be the first to get premium subscription. SPOTIFY TEAM, hope you are listening. Thanks...