[Country] Spotify in Russia

Dear Spotify team,

I would like to ask about launching your service in Russia. Many Russian users will be exited about this news and looking forward to it. If you need any help or support in this area, I would be more than happy to volunteer. 

Updated on 2020-07-15


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're very happy to announce that Spotify is now available in Russia!

There's some more information on this here.

Happy listening!

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This post was very encouraged and encouraged to participate in the forum. This is a great place to thank you.
My friends' feedback helped me a lot, and I  could solve many problems   myself
I have 23, and I can identify and use the good and the bad of all the things I mentioned in this post.


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they acted stupidly deciding to go on about politicians and their chance they missed

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I vote for it!

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Bring Spotify to Russia!


I'm from Russia and I would have been willingly paying for the Premium for two years now! But no, there's no way to easily go around all the obstacles: it doesn't accept Russian cards, it's a **bleep** of time spent on trying to create an "American PayPal" that still turns out to be not working...


And there are many people like me here. True, Russia is notorious for piracy, but you should just see a discussion about Spotify on vk.com (Russian facebook) where people can't help but bitterly laugh at all the ways they go to actually PAY money for the GREAT service and the payment just doesn't go through!


I've tried a ton of musical streaming services: Google Play Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Yandex.Music (a Russian attempt to have something similar to Google Play Music), Pandora, now the mentioned above VK.com is trying to make its music database into a paid music service - and NONE of them combine the sleek design and soulful service of Spotify.


Please, come to Russia!


Also ready to volunteer.


I am from Russia. I really like Spotify. I love Spotify. I'm tired of using vpn and accounts of other countries. I am waiting for Spotify in the Russian market with local price.


Please, start the service in Russia. I and many people are willing to pay for the Premium.


do it pls


Come on, Spotify, we need you in Russia (btw in Ukraine as well) because there are no alternatives to get all the music you provide legally (Google Play Music is not a solution)