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[Desktop] Bring back search inside Playlists & Songs tab

Status: Implemented

Before last update it was possible to hit CTRL / CMD +F and search for single song in playlists (folders) and the songs tab.
It is quite annoying to searching for one song among all playlist. Please bring it back.

Updated: 2015-08-05


Hey folks, you can now use the filter function in the Songs and Playlists tabs of Your Music. 


^This. The lack of search in playlist/library search makes my usual "workflow" completely impossible. I usually just filter my song library for specific song(s) or artist that I want to listen to.


CTRL + F will be coming back in a future update.

Status changed to: Implemented

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉
As mentioned, this is planned to return in future updates - any news will be announced here.


I can't understand why the playlist-search feature was removed. Some Playlists have thousands of artists and its a common workflow to hear just specific artists or albums. Scrolling through the playlists is very annoying.


So bring back the cmd + f feature again!


A feature improvement would be the option to filter songs by marked as "your music". Since there is no rating-system within spotify the "your music" mark is the only option to separate good from less good songs. Being able to filter a playlist by this paramater is essential, i think.

Status changed to: Implemented


Hey guys, we're marking this as 'Watch this space' and freezing kudos. This feature is coming back to Desktop in a future version. When we have more updates we will post them here. Thanks for coming to the Community with your feedback. 


"Adding to a future release" is good, but what about fixing the DEFECT you caused in the new version? Either provide an immediate workaround, or sanction rolling back. 


Removing a feature is not a way to "release new features" in the future.

As Michael_Johnson said, by removing the filter function from the desktop app you have in essence made my normal usage impossible. I know that the iphone app have had "problems" with it's filters as well recently, something that was also extremely annoying. Please be more careful with the filter in the future 😃

i really can't understand the sense of taking away an useful feature that already is in an app.


Please update asap.


also searchin playlist by writing seems to be vanished... i really liked that... usability has been damaged by my POV..


How much I try to understand I can't get around the fact that you did remove filter functionality in the first place. Why?


The key question now is where it will be brought back, since it's been removed from everywhere? From artist page, search results and local file lists to playlists and playlist folders.