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[Desktop] Popout player

I have seen this idea posted several times over the years and they are all marked closed. I personally find it really frustrating that people have clearly been asking for this and over and over been denied, especially because it seems like a rather simple feature. Anyway, on the web player on Chromebook, there is an excellent popout player that remains on top of other tabs and windows you open, has the album/song art and has simple controls like pause, play, skip, and rewind that show when you hover over it. You can also move it around your screen so you position it where is easiest for you. It's crazy to me that this feature hasn't been implemented already for the desktop application, or if it has then the fact that it's been removed. It's super annoying to have to stop what I'm in the middle of to open the Spotify window just to see what is playing, or to skip or save a song. Something with just the basics of these features would make a huge difference and make usability so much easier.

Updated on 2024-03-21

Hi everyone,


We're happy to let you all know that this feature has now been Implemented 😎 You can find all the details on the topic in this announcement post. You're welcome to post your thoughts and feedback there as well.



OverWims is nice but I'm wanting a miniplayer to use on a small monitor to view my playing song (with timeline so fullscreen mode isnt usable). I would just use a spare phone but the app won't show now playing in landscape mode. I assume this has been removed due to people who used their phone in landscape mode in cars so that they can now be forced to buy the new "car thing". Always about money right Spotify?


I see many of you looking for a mini player so I wanted to remind you about my mini player "rhiimoot" after a long while.

It works with windows only and gets main info from your official spotify desktop player and controls it. Main reason I created this was I was in need such a mini player. Over time I've made some aditions to the software but it's been a while since I updated it because I couldn't spare much time. So there are some portions of it not working right now.

I recently started to clean the code a bit and change this and that. I'll fix some bugs like: details window (see second image below) is not getting correct info from internet.

BUT main functions are working fine (previous, next, play, song title, sleep timer, vumeter, cache cleaner etc.)

These functions work offline and do not need an active internet connection. It just needs your spotify username to work properly.

SORRY that I kind of promoted my software but since it's not that popular I wanted to tell you about this.

rhiimoot is basically something I made for myself as a hobby but I'm sharing it in hope some people find it usefull too.

It's free with no restrictions and does not collect any data. I'll share again when I release an updated version.

You can read more and download from 

Also check my other tiny software since you're at my page 😄




your UI/UX is not good. I also read many negative reviews about it. Please Make some solutions. And also for PIP and the artist's image. it is gone in DEsktop


That feature from the Webplayer slaps. I don't know (and can't believe) why it is never transferred onto the desktop app. 


I finally found time to work on rhiimoot and released an aupdated version just now. 😌

I had to make many changes, some aspects are removed unfortunately.

You can read changelog and download the newest version from 


Sorry it took too long since I've said I'd update it. 😇




I neeeed this, it's so dumb that it's in the web version yet not on the desktop. I feel like this is something really small that could just be done so easily. I would love to see this added.


I agree and very useful for most people who use the desktop player!


An idea was closed as duplicate linking this idea.


The closed idea was to remove the arbitrary setting in Electron, the Chromium-based web app wrapper used for the desktop app, forcing the window to stay above a minimum width, which breaks several normal use cases and interferes with Windows features. This is a bug report that is fixed by changing 1 parameter.


This idea is the implementation of an entirely new and different player, which is a feature request and requires, obviously, a great deal of work- and most importantly, does NOT fix the above bug in the normal client.


They are not duplicates.


How do I display the program? It is not in the Windows tray, but I can see that it is open and showing the songs being played for about half a second. There is no way to click to see the GUI of the program. Even if I close the program by force-closing on Task Manager, and then re-open from the "Install" executable, it is still hidden and not able to be viewed. Alt + Tab doesn't show it amongst the currently open programs. It doesn't install to any directory in the Program Files that I can see, and doubleclicking the executable from the extracted archive just does the same behaviour that I've outlined above. We need it to show itself in the System Tray, and a toggle to be in the tray or not to be in the tray. And clicking it in the tray would open the GUI.


Necesitamos esto, para ser más productivos. 


Spotify, no están pendientes de su comunidad.