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[Desktop] Popout player

I have seen this idea posted several times over the years and they are all marked closed. I personally find it really frustrating that people have clearly been asking for this and over and over been denied, especially because it seems like a rather simple feature. Anyway, on the web player on Chromebook, there is an excellent popout player that remains on top of other tabs and windows you open, has the album/song art and has simple controls like pause, play, skip, and rewind that show when you hover over it. You can also move it around your screen so you position it where is easiest for you. It's crazy to me that this feature hasn't been implemented already for the desktop application, or if it has then the fact that it's been removed. It's super annoying to have to stop what I'm in the middle of to open the Spotify window just to see what is playing, or to skip or save a song. Something with just the basics of these features would make a huge difference and make usability so much easier.

Updated on 2024-03-21

Hi everyone,


We're happy to let you all know that this feature has now been Implemented 😎 You can find all the details on the topic in this announcement post. You're welcome to post your thoughts and feedback there as well.



This totally solved my problem!! I was trying to watch a video podcast, but the only video size choices in the desktop app are super small and full screen, neither of which I need when I'm trying to work on other things. Now I can adjust it to a normal size, put it in the bottom left corner and be done. Thank you!!

So you close other ideas and say they don’t have enough votes or they are duplicates of this idea (even when they aren’t) but then don’t implement this idea anyway, even though it passes your magical criteria.


You release a new version of your app with a worse user experience than the old version, ask for community input to fix it and then go silent and apparently ignore the input given.


You also closed an issue regarding your addition of ads into podcasts even for users who pay for Spotify premium, even though it met your number of votes requirement, just because.


Spotify has some of the worst customer service / user interaction / support of any company I’ve ever paid for a service.


Ok so this idea has been gathering dust here. Come on Spotify, make that lil taskbar player happen!! You can do eeeet!


I have an Asus Zenbook Duo (14") with a screenpad above the keyboard built in, running Windows 10 Pro. Part of the reason I got something with a screenpad instead of a standard laptop was so that I could have my main work on the top screen and music or chat apps on the screenpad, so I wouldn't have to toggle between things--especially things that don't need much monitor space.


The screenpad has a maximum resolution of 1920x515. Based on my screencap measurements, the smallest I can make my desktop app is 1000x750 pixels, which means the main control bar is cut off beyond the screen if I try to dock Spotify to my screenpad instead of my main display.


A mini-player mode would be ideal, but even the option to shrink the desktop app down to something smaller (at least 640x515) would make it so much more compatible for my screenpad, and I'd love that.

Bums this doesn't seem to be available in Aug 2021 anymore. It was exactly what I'm looking for. That little icon is not appearing anymore. Does anyone know any other ways to do this now?

This is a much needed feature! Been looking for this for a long time. 


There is no reason Spotify shouldn't have a mini player and/or an always on top option. Always on top and mini players are useful for EXACTLY this type of app. 


The "mini player" idea has been submitted and discussed on this forum for almost 10 years, see here. It used to be formally closed as of limited interest, but it keeps coming back and gathering thousands of upvotes. As a product guy working with such requests, I estimate 100 times more people wanting this but not bothering to come to the forums to request or vote it.


The good news is, this instalment of the feature request is marked as "Good idea, vote for it" so there's hope. 


PS: For Mac user looking for a simple widget the show track info and play controls theres:


This feature is great on the webplayer (as it stays on top of all windows so when you're working on a remote session that takes over all of your 3 monitors it still stays on top).


Please add to the Desktop app! 🙂 


Please bring the mini player to windows desktop app!