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[Desktop][Social] Enable Group Session on Desktop

Group Session was recently added to Spotify and it seems like a wonderful feature so far. Unfortunately, it is only available on mobile and tablet so those of us who primarily use the desktop app cannot use it. Please include desktop users in the party!


Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 8.32.26 AM.png


I greatly prefer the experience and UI on the desktop app and I believe it is better suited for adding songs to a queue (as you do in group session).

Updated on 2024-03-18

Hi there folks,


We're happy to let you all know that this feature has now been Implemented! You can find all the details on the topic in this announcement post. You're welcome to post your thoughts and feedback there as well.




I can't wait for the feature to come!


is there any update on when or if spotify plans to add this feature? looks like it's been some time now


Spotify! we need feedback if this feature will ever come to desktop, it's been over two years since this idea has been posted and our last update from you guys was a year ago, WE NEED UPDATES/ FEEDBACK!


Yeah, this idea needs implementing like now lol


Still waiting for this feature. It is a need!!


How it's not available for desktops already?


This was submitted 2.5 years ago, it's been over a year since Spotify's last comment, and users have been consistently adding votes and comments the entire time. What does it take to get movement on this idea? Desktop users have far more powerful hardware and far more screen real estate available than mobile users; it makes no sense that Remote Group Sessions aren't available on desktop.


1652 votes, and over a year and 5 months they said they'd "look into it". ANOTHER time when Spotify don't give a hoot about their users. What a surprise. 


Well spotify? When are you gonna add this? 

Itd be nice if its also cross platform so mobile user can listen tgt w someone using the desktop app


Baffles me how slow Spotify seems to be with adding things that users actually want. Christ