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[Discover] New Releases Section for Followed Artists

Please add a section to the desktop and mobile apps where we can see all of the new releases from the artists we follow. When artists release new music, their fans want a way to find it directly in Spotify without having to rely on social media or elsewhere away from the Spotify app. The Release Radar playlist by Spotify only shows some new releases and then it disappears a week later.


This new section would act as a "feed" and update automatically when a new album from an artist you follow is available on Spotify. Please make the feed have a high display limit so we can go back months and months and for sure won't miss any releases.


For a third party solution check out (PLEASE IMPLEMENT IT LIKE THIS)

---> Check out my guide on how to use this third party web app


Screenshot from


The problem with the current "new releases" section is that it doesn't show new releases from artists you follow. It only show the most popular new releases. The only way right now to find new releases is to go to the artist's page and hunt around for the new release or use the Release Radar playlist.


The Release Radar playlist is not what we want. The problem with the Release Radar playlist is that it mixes in suggestions. I want to see followed artists ONLY. And if you check the playlist a week too late, all the songs are GONE.


We need a feed that we can scroll back months and months and months so we can see all the new releases from the artists we follow. We shouldn't have to rush through it and it be gone the next week.

Updated on 2024-07-23

Hey folks, 


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that a new releases section for the artists you follow is now available on Desktop, iOS and Android mobile devices. You can find it on the desktop app by clicking the bell icon in the top right. On mobile, you can find it by tapping on your profile picture in the top left and going to the "What's new" section.   


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Desktop mockup:








iPhone mockup:









I made the mistake of listening some of the new realeases. The result: everytime I want to listen to one of my playlists/radio stations, it'd play one song and then a bounch of songs from the new releases' selection.   I've tried all ways I can think of to keep this from happening, with no result. I am so sick of listening to songs that I don't asked for and I don't want to hear, that I am about to cancel my subscription.  


I'd approve of this! Every single week I miss new releases because I hit the 20 notifications limt, even though I check Spotify every day. 


This would be an excellent feature it could greatly improve the way we can listen to new music from our favourite artists. Love it.


Thanks for all the support I got in just one week! 😃


Great idea!


Good idea!!!!!


I had 52 new notifications this morning, but of course I can only access 20 of them. It's incredibly frustating. If they're gonna limit it then limit it to free users; it's not the service I expect as a premium user.


Must have option. Hope you will release it as soon as possible.