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Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive

It would be great to be able to manage Spotify through BMW iDrive, either by a dedicated Spotify app on BMW system or at least by a connection of iDrive controls with Spotify app on the iPhone.

Updated: 2015-09-17
Since Spotify is now available for BMW Conected Drive on the iPhone, we'll mark this topic as 'Implemented'.

If you're on Android - please add your kudos to this idea here:
[Android] Integration of Spotify and BMW Connected Drive - Android


Thanks everyone!


That would be a great addition to iDrive. Pandora already has an intergrated app

Shoukd be Nice! already has this but is only available in THE USA and I live in europe. So spotify, are there plans to integrate with THE new BMW Apps?

I would definitely like to see Spotify support soon! I don't want the reason to switch from Spotify to MOG to be BMW integration support. I love Spotify!

Need Spotify to support BMW idrive

Spotify should immediately start a discussion with BMW and "appsolute GmbH" who is assisting BMW with their "BMW Connected" app. There are 2 different approaches: Become integrated with the BMW Connected app itself, so that it will be available as an own choice within that app (the webradio provider Tunein Radio has already done this, and it works perfectly like a "radio alternative")  -----  or create a API for the Spotify App itself, that will be controllable from the car's menu via the Apps menu (The music service provider "Aupeo" has already done this, but it's a bit ackward, because it doesn't allow using the other BMW Connected services (like facebook, twitter, news etc while playing music)....


The best would maybe be a combination of the both, because that would allow the user to play "offline tracks", at the same time as being able to use all other BMW Connected services.... Smiley LOL


Mog is, as mentioned, already running for BMW in USA, so I think Spotify will be the most favourable and BEST choice for the European market 🙂 




Seems like BMW is lacking in the apps right now. Spotify would be the must have for me and many others in this growing market. I've been eyeing MOG because it is already integrated into the car and I would hate to move over to a different service. I'm sure there are licensing fees, development costs and etc.... but, Spotify should seriously invest in this tech!


After MOG, Pandora and Aupeo with their BMW and MINI Connected apps, Spotify would be a great third-part-app for the system.


After all it would be the first app allowing something like that on the european market. Would even upgrade to premium to get this 🙂

There has to be BMW mog exclusive which prevents spotify to join BMW same as Spotify the defacto music service of Facebook. I hope spotify work out something soon, hate to switch to mog just for idrive.

Just got my F30 yesterday and I was sad to notice that Spotify is not optimized for using it with iDrive. That's a shame. I hope Spotify will address this soon.