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[] Scrobble Tracks played offline

Let's have Spotify locally save all mobile offline play history and write it to scrobble list when you turn it back online. Even better - a Spotify play history on desktop and mobile applications that tracks all play history online or offline.

Updated on 2019-07-11

Hey folks, 


Sorry for the delay, looks like this one slipped through! 


There was an update to Last FM last year which introduced offline scrobbling. The update also means scrobbling works on the Web Player and over devices on Connect. As mentioned by @hans-jürgen, you can check out the article from Last FM here.




Hell yeah, we need it urgently. Smiley Very Happy


On a related issue. As Spotify obviously must know all the songs I play online and offline, irrespective of pc/mac/mobile phone/pad, why not give me the opportunity to chose scrobbling on the server (in stead of on all devices)? This would be a user friendly and simple solution. Adding to the need, I use Squeezebox Radio at home, and for some sick reason scrobbling music played with the Spotify app on this device is blocked in Norway. All this would be solved by Spotify adding functionality for server-side scrobbling.


Yes please.


Yes, very much seconded. I would like to have every song I play in Spotify (desktop or mobile, offline or not) show up on sooner or later.


Yes Please  !!!


Since I am very often outside my home country, I am not online all the time or have data package of further local providers.

So a lot of songs are getting lost.

So offline played songs should be put in a lastfm cache and scrobbled when on again.


People, vote for it, please.


Done. Can't be that hard to implement this.


I tried premium on a month trial and this issue stopped me from paying for it... sort it out Spotify; you'll have 1 new customer

Status changed to: Under Consideration


Hello folks, first at all, sorry for the delay on updating this idea, we are receiving lot of them everyday and sometimes it´s hard to prioritize.

We have two different concepts within this idea. So:



-Spotify history: We are going to mark this idea as "Under Consideration". We have passed it along and our team is considering it now and thinking of the best way to display it. Check this thread out for next updates! 🙂


-Scrobble track in This is an issue we are aware of and the team is working on it, we will update you on this topic as soon as we get news.


Thanks a lot for your feedback and contribution, we appreciate this..