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[Mobile] Car Mode

- More space for touch functions

- Faster access to play and pause actions

- Reduced functionality for safer and faster access during driving


Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey Folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


Car View is now available across Android and iOS devices. The new view has basic controls which make the experience more simple and safer when driving.


The app will automatically swap when it detects it's connected to a car's built-in Bluetooth, but you can also switch it on and off in the settings. 


Safe travels!

Spot if I could just implement apples carPlay system.
Status changed to: New Idea

Marked as new idea and edited the title to make it easier to find via search. 😉


Spotify already supports CarPlay for those of you wondering. This idea suggests a car mode for people who don't have CarPlay.


@MattSuda: yes, you are right, and that are most of the people.

@Marco: thanks a lot.


Love this idea! Especially the oversized menus for easy browsing.


Though I'd imagine doing this and calling it a 'car mode' wouldn't be prudent since it advocates using your phone while driving.


Only critique would be to favor gestures over large buttons (on the now playing screen), as broad swipes are easier than tapping a button even if the button is huge.


And we already have the swipe left and right gestures to skip/reverse, which are great.


I wish they'd bring back being able to swipe down to close the Now Playing screen. First world problem I suppose, but the pecking that tiny button in the top left is just cumbersome that I don't use it as much anymore, even though one of my favorite things is staring at album art.


Realy realy important , and absolutely easy to implement , i usualy use spotify while driving and the fact that it is next to impossible to do stuff without pulling over is realy annoying .

My idea of car mode would be as follows : 
> Once enabled skib / Back and Pause get enlarged to take up about 1/4th of the screen 
> The volume should be adjustable simply by swiping up or down on the screen  
> There should be an option to equalize Audio output of different songs.

This realy has to be done , and there is no reason not to , it does not have to be a big advertised feature , it can be burried in the furtherst menu corner for all i care , as long as it´s there , It would take a good Programmer 1 Week to implement this as it does not require anything substantially new , all it does require is an adjustment in the interface layout.


I would like to see Car Mode be simply eight tiles on my phone screen. Each would link to the album, playlist or radio station of my choosing. Once music starts to play, the album art appears along with large control buttons. Getting back to the tiles would require just a swipe to the right


Would really love to see this! 

I would like to see easy base and treble controls to adjust to compensate for my car stereo, getting to the equaliser menu when driving is near on impossible!