[Mobile] Hide song in Premium

I use a lot the option to Hide a song, let´s say for example I take an album I love 3 songs , I am fine with 5 and I hate 2 of them. With Spotify Free I can just select an album , then play it forever while I am at home for example doing other stuff so it´s background music, once I hide the 2 songs I hate , they will never play ever again. This is not possible with Spotify Premium the option is not available anymore (it is for discovery weekly but not for albums). The icon to hide a song just disappeared when moving to Premium for most of the songs. 

The alternative option to create a playlist makes no sense as the album is already the playlist.  Also I do not want to stop what I am doing while listening to the music at home and go to the computer to click Next... Hope that makes sense to more people, thanks

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Updated on 2020-05-13


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and feedback to this idea!
We're marking this as implemented, as this feature is now available on mobile.

If we have any info regarding this on desktop in the future, we'll head back here with an update.


would also like to my dismay that this can be marked as implemented without it being available on desktops.  please add this feature as there a few songs that i really don't ever want to hear.  not because i 'hate' the artist but instant bad memories


NOT IMPLEMENTED!! Why do that? This is clearly a feature that your users are overwhelming asking for. Should we just go back to Pandora, or worse, Apple or amazon? We’re here because we love Spotify. Fix this. PLEASE. It’s the only thing holding you back from greatness. 


It's not implemented on desktop. So... it's not implemented.


I'm getting tired of listening to the same songs all the time. All automatically generated playlists like playlist radios are not an option, as I have to listen to a lot of songs that I really hate, over and over and over again. Even letting music videos on Youtube run on autoplay without a google account generates more enjoable music and this is really saying something considering how much data Spotify has collected, including how often I skipped the same songs.

All of this could easily be solved by this feature, yet, I cannot even vote for it. If you implement this on desktop, you'd be doing me a great favor.


I find it really odd that I have the option on my mobile phone but not on the desktop app, when it used to be on the desktop app.  Things keep changing, almost randomly, on the various flavors of Spotify.  It was once an option, now it's not, or now it's only available on the mobile version.  How does that make sense?  If you implement a feature, it should be ubiquitous, not just on one platform.  That's **bleep** poor planning and design implementation.  I do not accept this as answered because it's half baked.  What's more, and I am going to keep beating this dead horse, it used to be there.  I've had Premium now for several years, almost 5, and I used to routinely remove / dislike / hide songs I didn't like from the desktop application.  So again, why was it removed?  This has been a frustrating and poorly implemented feature that keeps disappearing/reappearing.  There have been many times where I have to hunt around for the option, I once had, to only find that it's either in a different place or altogether gone, and so now I need to manage one app from multiple devices.  Again, just doesn't make any lick of sense.  It just feels like those that are calling the shots don't like money because they keep jeopardizing their own product and are willing to lose customers in the process.  (SMH)  I can't get it.


If you’ve really implemented this then you’ve hidden it really well. I can’t see ow to hide / dislike a song on iOS premium , really would like to, thanks


As Premium user I have to click the three dots menu and don't have direct access to hide a song.
This is not a real implementation.


Clearly, quality control is not a concern when it comes to the implementation of this feature across platforms.  According to this thread, the status was changed to "implemented" in May of this year.  I am sitting here at my PC writing this in September.  Does it take four months to have this feature roll out on Desktop?  I pay for Spotify premium and I'm going to try to sympathize because I frankly don't know the work involved for something like this, but if it took me four months to make a button to say don't play this song, I would be embarrassed.  


Any hope for desktop users?


This is not implemented on desktop as far as I can tell ... please add this back to the desktop ap.