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[Mobile] Listening History On Mobile

On the Desktop client it is possible to view your listening history (Play Queue > History), this functionality should be added to the mobile applications too.


It could be added very nicely into the new "Me" tab on iOS:


Updated on 2021-04-05

Hey folks,


Thanks for your support and patience while we're looking into this 🙂


Happy to confirm you should now have the option to access your listening history on mobile too.


Take a look here if you'd like to know more.



Status changed to: Up for Votes

I completely agree. Even better would be if the listening history is actually synced between devices for a more seamless experience. Seems like that would fit in well with the whole Spotify Connect concept.


Would be nice to be able to look back really quick. "What was that song i was vibing to earlier?" PROBLEM SOLVED!


This is an excellent suggestion and I agree with dinomight, it would be really nice if the listening history (and Play Queue might I add) were sync'd via one's Spotify account.


Would be great that the history is tracked and stored with roaming profile to assist in the Discovery information that is really useful but only based right now on Desktop client.


Yes I agree. I found an obscure album that had what song I wanted after searching for 20minutes, and I forgot how I did it. Now it isn't in my playlists or whatever list. Just disappears. History for mobile devices would be great. Not hard to do too.

I completely agree.... We really need this facility in spotify.


I totally agree!

Sometimes I wander though playlists, suggestions and new music. I can never find back what I listened to on my iPhone. It would help me to rediscover music 


Well, Spotify did include your search history before in Android, then took it out without mentioning it six months ago and still hasn't confirmed if it's a bug or intentional. Totally frustrating. Comment/kudos these threads if you want to see something done:


+1. Right now the best way to have a synced history is to set up each device to Scrobble to Last.FM, which isn't hard, just a little unnecessary.