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[Mobile][Playlists] Remove Apple Watch 50 Song Limit

I am so grateful that we finally can download Spotify playlists on the Apple Watch, but I was pretty disappointed to find out that there is a 50 song limit per playlist. I’m not sure if that is on purpose for formatting or storage concerns, but I would love to see that limit removed so that I can download full playlists to my Watch and listen to all my music without having to have my phone on me. 

Updated on 2023-07-05

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that now there’s a limit of 100 downloads per playlist. There's more info here.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Hi, this thread began July 2021 and it appears the song limit restriction is still in effect as my downloaded playlist only captured 48 songs today (February 14, 2022). Where does this complaint stand in the resolution queue? This is extremely frustrating for all the reasons already stated above. Pleae provide an update.





Please add this, or at least clarify IF its a limitation based on the Watch OS - that would go a long way in mollifying everyone


Hello, any news?

I still can't download more than 50 songs per playlist in my apple watch

That's embarrassing considering I have more then 25GB of free space and I can't use my AW to listen to music while at the gym.


No news.. in the I’m still using Apple workes so smooth with the watch and the downloads… takes a month to get used to Apple Music but after that it simply amazing.. I can only recommend you move your playlists over to Apple Music and leave Spotify.. this song limit and the fact that they don’t care at all or explain to us what’s going on is just stupid.


Or go Deezer, they support offline meanwhile - with no limitation per playlist as far as I could read up. Also they have a proper watch app where you can trigger the downloads without having to use the phone for that. Seems Spotify though being the largest service, cares least.


I can’t warp my head around why they still can’t tell us a reason why they restricted the download limit. Maybe there is an explanation every can understand maybe they simply don’t care about it. This idea has over 300 people actively liking the idea of having more than 50 songs per playlist on their watch. And I believe there are thousands if not more outside of this forum who would also enjoy Spotify without such a low limit of songs on their watch. 
but getting ignored here by the Spotify team made the decision leaving Spotify even easier.

Please remove the limit! This is something we really need to use the full functionality of the device...disappointing


I've been toying with leaving Spotify because of the Joe Rogan thing. I did my research and it doesn't seem like a biggie to switch to Apple Music. This 50 track limit will be the thing that drives me over the edge. Remove the limit!!!

This has nothing to do with joe rogan though.

Why is this still an issue? As an engineer myself, it is absolutely disappointing and honestly downright disrespectful to the whole set of user base who has chosen to put their music on Spotify that you're limiting them to be able to download something on their OWN hardware, that doesn't at all increase any costs to Spotify. Why do we need voting to be able to download more songs on our own watches? This is absolutely horrific. If this isn't getting attention I will start telling all my friends and family to stop using Spotify, those same family and friends who brought me on the platform to begin with.