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[Mobile] Screen always on Option

When the Spotify app is in focus keep the screen on and prevent it from locking. Just like in PowerAmp, this should be an optional setting.


It's really annoying to have to unlock the phone to skip tracks, or see the name of the current song or artist, especially when driving.


Updated on 2019-09-19

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With the release of Car View, your screen will always remain on when driving - or when turning it on manually in the settings.


When you connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth, car view automatically turns on. You see larger, driver-friendly icons in the Now Playing view, and you can quickly change what plays with Choose Music at the bottom of the screen.


For more info about listening to Spotify in the car, check out this article



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Updated: 2016-03-03

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Until Spotify implements this feature, a semi-solution would be to enable Developer options and enable Stay awake while charging.


To enable Developer options, go to:

Settings > About phone > Build number and tap on the section 7 times.


After that you can go to:

Settings > Developer options > Stay awake > While charging


Another solution is to use an app if you'd like to have this feature while not charging as well, for example "Wakey", "Stay Alive! Keep screen awake", "Smart Screen On Off" from Google Play.

How is this not obvios to the devolopers!!!!
Them"I work at spotify". us"do you like music?". Them "lol no. I like reprograming apps"
I currently cant even get it to play 3 songs in a row.
They should have to use the app to work there.
I have multiple music playing apps and they all seem to be run by social media experts. I want one music playing app built by music lovers. Constant new feautures are not what I need. I want to hit three buttons max and get my playlist playing in under a minute.
It seems like music apps are best a year after they are released.
Time for new managment.
Or just bring back the old