[Music] Autoplay similar tracks after chosen Music

Status: Implemented

I'm certainly not the first (or last) user to request Rdio-like features on Spotify - as a migrant from Rdio, one of my favourite features that I'm truly missing is the autoplay feature, which was unique to Rdio. I loved how once a song or album was done, you had the option to let Rdio start that song/album/artist station automatically so not only does your music seamlessly continue playing, but it really helps you find new things, which is my biggest draw. The only way I can do this on Spotify is if I actively start the artist/song/album radio station, which is such a broken experience especially if I am not close to a consol to control the music (e.g. at a party). 


It would make Spotify 1000% times better (for me and I'm sure many others who loved/miss the Autoplay feature) if we can have the option within the Playback preferences to start the Spotify radio function (which i hear is great!) automatically for that particular song, artist or album.


Pretty, pretty please and thank you!! 

Updated: 2016-12-07

Hey @ksarhane this feature is currently rolling out on our Desktop, iOS and Android apps. Once you reach the end of an album, playlist, or set of tracks, Spotify will automatically play a Radio station based on it. 

To see how to disable (or re-enable) this Autoplay feature, see our Help article here.

Status changed to: Implemented
Updated: 2015-12-09

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉
This idea requests to play similar music after the current music queue is empty.


[Music] Autoplay similar tracks after chosen Music

Like Marco said, and as a migrant Rdio to Spotify, that would be a great option to get, that's the only reason that make me regret the Rdio Autoplay feature. Please send some others requests to Spotify to make that option becoming available.


I'm truly missing that option, and like he said, it would make Spotify 1000% better, for me and for all the others.


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Updated: 2015-12-16




This was also my favorite feature of Rdio and allowed me to discover many new artists that I may have otherwise ignored.


My favourite feature on rdio as well! I was devastated when rdio when down, and reluctantly moved over to Spotify. I have to admit that I like it a lot more than I thought I would. The UI is very nice and clean (kicks Apple Music's ass!) and the overall usablity and functionality is very intuitive and well done. The ONLY thing I really do miss is the autoplay feature, exactly for the reasons the original posted pointed out—its so nice when its just a seamless move into new music from familiar music, and it was always the best vehicle for me to discover new music. Please consider adding this feature!




Since this idea didn't come up in my searches I ended up creating a new post (which was marked as a duplicate and closed) but mine had more detail and implementation specifics.  I would just cut and paste it here but I can't because it is marked 'closed' so I can't edit it (and don't feel like writing up the formatting again).  So here it is:


Really missing the Rdio Autoplay function. Much better to discover new music than any stations, playlists etc.


darn...I was forwarded to your idea because mine was marked as a duplicate...and now I see you also got the same avatar...conspiration confirmed? 😄 But yeah, I hope they will change it soon, it's annoying that I cannot lay back and simply enjoy the music 😞


I would like to see this! Happy Listening!


Thanks mate! I hope the developers will read it!