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Picture on Profile

I would like to suugest the option of adding our own pictures or avitars WITHOUT linking it to our Facebook accounts.


I know there are some of us that were fortunate enough to get Spotify before it linked with Facebook and I would love to add my picture on the account page.

Updated: 2016-10-20

We’re excited to finally share that you can now upload your own profile picture on Desktop. Uploading via iOS and Android to follow. The feature is slowly rolling out so if you don’t have it yet check back soon. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!


I would also like to be more than just a grey silhouette without having to set up a Farcebook account 😞

We can already provide our login details, in preferences, so the obvious courtesy would be for Spotify to use our profile picture from there if no Farcebook account was linked to our Spotify account. It may also be a better reflection of our musical selves, so why not have it as a further option in that section.

If we want to enable an extension that obviously needs a login (e.g. scrobbling) then fine, we expect to have to provide login details, but I don't think a Spotify user profile is something that can be considered as an optional extension in the same way. It should be something we have a huge amount of choice about, and not be coerced into taking an action we'd prefer not to in order to get a sensible looking profile.


Agreed! Cat Happy


Well I don't have a facebook account but I do have a large online presence.

Must be simple to code up a profile picture functionality.


Otherwise - it's prejudiced against the FB resistance!


I agree!


I wasn't even aware that it was possible to have a profile photo until I experienced the bug where random people show up in the "this is what you're friends are listening to" list. I noticed they had photos, so then I googled around a bit and found that it is collected from your FB account.


I'm not interested in linking my FB account to my Spotify account, so please give us more options to chose from. Using the avatar from our profiles would be a good start, though letting us upload our own would off course be even better.


I agree 100% 


Please make this happen - support the FB resistance!

I'm shocked that this is not implemented...


Viva La Resistance!


Yes, seems silly that there is no way to put a profile photo up without InYourFaceBook as the provider, or that you can't even now a days sign up without a IYFB account... what, did all the Spotify employees buy stock?


That being said, Spotify is really an amazing service, and I am grateful they have done what they have to bring more musical options to the people, overall GOOD JOB!... but really, they could drop the FB requirments and do even that much better. 


Yes, please! The ability to change your profile picture (w/o FB) would, and will, be highly appreciated.