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[Playlists] Limit Editing Access in Collaborative Playlists

This problem has already been addressed in other ideas quite a few times, so I'll make it brief. At the moment, anyone can edit a collaborative playlist. There are numerous ways to solve this, e.g. granting the creator the right to put people on blacklists or whitelists. Another easy fix that might be a separate link for the creator to share only with persons who shoud be able to add and delete song! It would already help a lot 🙂

Hey everyone!

We're happy to announce that you will soon have new options for managing collaborative playlists - they are rolling out to everyone over the coming weeks.

Users will have the ability to review who currently has access to individual playlists, share collaborative playlists with large public groups, or keep them small and private for that special tightly-knit group of friends.

You will be able to:
  • Pick your favorites. As a playlist creator, you can now invite or remove users from collaborating on your playlists, meaning there’s more control over who has access to editing the content you love.
  • Share privately. You can now set your collaborative playlists to private, so no one can view, search, listen to or share a playlist– except for those chosen few who have been invited or given collaborative access.
  • Change your mind? At any given time, a playlist owner has the power to see, add and remove who gets to collaborate and follow their playlists.
For details on how the feature works, see:

Because of this change, this other idea is also being implemented. 

If you don't see this yet, don't worry. Just make sure to keep your app up to date and it should be available for you soon. 

Thanks for giving us your feedback in the Community.

The idea should've been implemented from Day 1 with collaborative and public playlists. Spotify HQ are only concerned with dividend payments to shareholders that most of the basic functionality gets ignored.


i just noticed this happened to me as well and had to turn the collaborative mode off  i didn’t even know this was a thing ! it have probably deleted songs as well but i have so many songs in this playlist that i can’t remember how many were in there from the start 😅 this suggestion should’ve been implemented years ago. 

Status changed to: Live Idea

Updated on 2022-01-18

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Your suggestion has gathered the votes necessary and your feedback is now reaching the internal teams at Spotify. They're aware of the vote count and popularity of this idea. We'll continue to monitor and check out the comments here, too.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


I really like this idea and I have a Spotify account that I created with an older email then created one with my main email and now I can't edit my original playlists with my new account. I also have a few playlists with my brother that we both edit but can't anymore. This would be the perfect way to fix that.


I'm having the same problem with Pesukone


The primary reason my friends and I used Spotify was for the collaborative playlist feature.  We maintained multiple rolling collaborative playlists between all of us; then, our playlists started getting heavily spammed.  Instead of deleting 100+ spammed tracks, we had to delete our playlists which was pretty devastating (we'd been doing it for YEARS).  Also, even if you deleted the spammed tracks, the users who added them were still following our playlist and we couldn't remove them.   Subsequently, we have basically stopped using Spotify.  


I cannot believe it's taking Spotify this long to solve this problem.   What an obvious mistake, and it needs to be fixed. 


Hi Spotify team and community music lovers


It would be nice if the playlist can have a way to grant permission to certain ppl over the playlist by just adding their Spotify name or email by the playlist creator to the playlist and if someone want to have the rights maybe a button asking for access to the creator of the playlist, which should have the option to add or dismissed the petition as he/she pleased.  


PS: i know we are just moaning about this kind of things which might seem insignificant but for a programmer will be a challenge or just something that's not easy to achieve otherwise would have been there form the beginning.

Thank you for the hard work and i will keep supporting you since Spotify has been my inseparable friend since almost inception. 

Thank you for the hard work. 😅


Yeah, I have the same Problem with this ->"Pesukone"<- Artist. He has randomly bots where fills up a playlist with more than 10 songs(Like the Playlist of my Friends circle). I think it's like a trick to play the playlist and gain clicks for his music. I multiply delete his songs, but after 2 day he fills again the playlist with another bot. Likewise,  found this Problem on Reddit too where user described this problem ... it's been over 3-4 months now, and I don't know why Spotify can't do anything ... it's really horrible. I try to report the User but u can only Report his Profile Picture, described or merch... so I searched here  at the Spotify community for more help.... Please, Spotify don't end up like the other platforms where are Thousands of bots... Do anything Right now, please.


I am also having this issue with Pesukone bots! Even if this change on playlist access not broadly implementable, could there at least be a hot-fix that suspends this songs from this artist being added to playlists or simply just suspends this artist? I know that is extreme, but this seems to be widespread and persistent.


Along with friends we would like to have the possibility to collaborative playlist, that only Invited people could edit. It would allow us to keep the playlist clean and limit the songs to the ones, that we like (and that match our dance style, which requires specific rhythm). 

Currently it is not possible and, when we use collaborative playlist feature, following problems occur:

  • random people, that we do not know add songs, that do not match our taste(and specific dance rhythm)
  • bots attack the playlist and add songs. We delete them, and the same set of songs gets added back with a bot with different account

So I see several solutions for the above problems, but the most obvious is a mix of features you already have - collaborative playlist with invited users. There exists functions, which:

  • invite users to the playlist
  • make playlist collaborative
  • make playlist public/private