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[Playlists] See which playlists a song has already been added to

Sometimes I think of or hear a song and I want to add it to a certain playlist but I’m not sure if it’s already in there, or I just want to know what playlists it’s in (e.g. I accidentally added the song to the wrong playlist and want to take it out, but wasn't sure which one I accidentally clicked/pressed on). It would be nice to to have a feature where you can check which playlists of yours a song has been added to. I know that you there’s a notification if it’s a duplicate, but it would be more convenient if the song is in multiple playlists to just see all of them at once rather than getting that notification one by one for all of them, if that make sense.


Edit: someone in the comments suggested having checkmarks next to the playlist names in the "Add to playlist" drop-down and that would be perfect!

Updated on 2024-02-09

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the support and feedback you've given to this idea!

We have some exciting news to share with you: you can now tap the green check mark icon Check Mark Icon.png of a song/episode to see which playlists it's been saved in! You also get quick access to all of your playlists in case you want to add the song/episode to (or remove it from) some of your other playlists:


The playlists the item's been saved in will also have a check mark.The playlists the item's been saved in will also have a check mark.

Thanks again for helping us make Spotify better. We're always striving to provide the best possible user experience and your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much @ChexMex!

I tried the windows app from your GitHub - not working that well for me at the moment but in theory in sounds awesome! I will definitely be an avid user of the web app if/when you complete it. Good luck and thanks so much for stepping up to fix this glaring omission in functionality that Spotify has saddled us all with!

I really appreciate the fact you took time out of your day to try the
application! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to test the app anywhere
besides my own machine, which is probably why you ran into problems.

What issues did you end up having? It might help me when I go rewrite the
program into a web app.

No thank you for working on fixing this awful limitation in Spotify!

I don't have it installed any more, but from what i remember the search would find a song from SPotify's library, but would not return any results from my playlists. Also had an issue with the large number of playlists i had - not all would show up on the page where you select which playlists to search amongst.


Sorry I can't remember more than that. I can re-download if you like but overall I must say it did not function at all for me. But i love the idea and would be happy to test further if you keep developing it 🙂



Ah, yeah. When I've used it as well I've noticed the same issue where it
sometimes would show the right playlists, and other times it would show no
results. I'll definitely have to look into why that would be occurring. It
might have something to do with the way I'm caching the user's playlists.

I think I'll probably focus on creating the web app version, as creating
the UI in HTML/CSS is something I'm more familiar with than trying to use
Python's GUI packages. So, things like the playlists in the settings not
displaying properly will be fixed.

Are there any other features related to playlist manipulation and searching
that you would want from Spotify? I want to try to compile a couple of
different features besides just the playlist search feature when I develop
the web app.

Again, just wanted to say thanks for trying out the application. I'm sorry
it didn't work for you. Once I've got a basic skeleton of the Web App up
and running I'll definitely let you know.

This would be extremely useful



Hey! Believe it or not, I'm here to bring good news that the website is currently up and running! The only tool that is currently implemented is the playlist searcher, basically what the python application was all about, but I'm hoping to expand out its features over time.

Currently I'm just trying to make sure that there's no crazy edge cases that I'm not handling for the website so it'd be great to have people try it out and attempt to break the site so I can fix it.

Let me know if you encounter any bugs or have feedback. I'd really appreciate it.

The site is 




Thanks so so much! From the brief testing I've done so far it seems to work beautifully.  Super super useful - now if only Spotify could incorporate a little of this functionality into their actual clients instead of ripping them apart as they are currently doing to the desktop app.


Thanks again @checkmex!

I'm glad you liked the website! I'm especially delighted that nothing broke
immediately, my effort wasn't for naught, lol.

Yeah, I sure hope they could add more functionality to the client
especially since it could be done way more elegantly than what I'm
currently doing.

It's especially unfortunate when I've noticed my site already experiences
some rate limiting from Spotify. Since I have to make tons of requests to
get every track in every playlist followed by a user, my site can't
have many users active at the same time or it'll just break.

Making sure my server gracefully handles rate limiting errors is something
I want to do ASAP but it definitely seems like a rather difficult thing to

Been struggling with this for so long, and then I search the community only to find out this has been suggested since 2012 but they deliberately said NOPE. Zero respect for customers.

I found out about ChexMex's just now and will be giving it a go for sure!
Will report with feedback later on. Cheers and happy music hunting !


I fully agree with this - it would be good to search my library for a song and then be able to see which playlist I have that song in. I create playlists all the time. I often feel like listening to a song and want to locate the playlist it is in but can't do this in the current version. A simple search within playlist would be sufficient.