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Please Add Spotify Radio Function to Sonos

I love to use the spotify radio feature on my computer, but I enjoy using my sonos system as well, which doesn't currently have that function. 


I have been reading adding spotify radio is something being discussed currently, so please allow Sonos to add Spotify radio to their system.  I am happy to pay for the premium spotify account as I already am to enable this feature, I just want to have it integrated into the sonos system, so I can actually fully enjoy both spotify and sonos.

Updated: 2015-10-14

We’re thrilled to finally announce that per your request Radio is coming to Sonos. Start a new station from the song that’s Now Playing. Or from a search of your favourite artists with the Start Artist Radio option. Enjoy!

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Great idea!


Agreed. Without the Sonos/Spotify/Radio functionality, this is a differentiator and deal breaker.


Please add a radio button to sonos"!"!!


Completely agreed, it's very disappointing that this integration is missing from Sonos, it's available with Napster but IMO Spotify is the better service and should sort this out ASAP.

Status changed to: Implemented

Having just subscribed to Spotify I was disappointed to find that Spotify Radio is not supported on the Sonos system.


If it isn't added or if I see no progress towards resolving this issue, then I will cancel the subscription as it is the main reason I bought it.


This would be amazing! it would be a great addition to Sonos. 


I believe that Sonos need an API to integrate with as its a walled garden app within Spotify. If there's an API then im sure they'd add it. 


Status changed to planned:) hurrah, long awaited, Anybody who knows how long planned features usually takes to implement?



As above  - very annoyed that Radio option is not available on Sonos edition..


Have been using Spotify on PC and iphone  - think it great. Bought Sonos over weekend expecting same functionallity


Considering alternatives as Sonos will be come main listenng tool.




I agree with all the above...


I love Spotify, but i also love my Sonos.

And as i mostly listen to music thru my Sonos system i'm forced to alternatives like Deezer more and more.

Please spotify, just give other systems like Sonos the ability to add the radio functionality.