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[Radio] Bring back Playlist Radio context menu option for everything

Official response from Spotify as of 4 Feb 2019:



Apologies, but the playlist radio context menu has been removed with our current update.

Spotify Customer Support


So there you have it.



Please vote on the right -->


This is an intentional change by Spotify, so we need to make it heard that we want this feature back. Read on below.



 Let spotify know you want this feature back: go to > Other > I still need help and write to them



This is a request that Spotify undo their change over the last two weeks to remove the context-menu Playlist radio option from all their platforms.


It is NOT sufficient to link to "Where is Radio?" - this is not a communications issue, or a learning curve issue.


We are asking very precisely that Spotify undo this change. Return the "Playlist radio" contextual option in all platforms. We further ask that it return for all objects, i.e all playlists (created by the user or other users), albums, artists etc. Basically: make it like it used to be.

The most obvious example is that the create radio playlist option is missing from the right-click context menu on Macos and Windows. But all platforms now make it more difficult to create radio playlists.

It disappeared for me on my Mac last week, Windows PC on Monday and Android yesterday.

Once you get the update, to create a radio station you now need to go to Radio > Create Radio Station, this will then open a sidebar which you can type the name of your playlist into using your keyboard which will then give you the option to create a radio station. So the feature is effectively buried.

I contacted support and they said:

At Spotify, we’re often testing and launching improvements and new features. When we’re testing, you may see something on the app your friend doesn’t, or get a new feature for only a temporary period. Let us know what you think over at our Community.

Seems like they are following an industry trend of removing features from their service to "reduce complexity". Looks like design bunker thinking to me.

I hope the option returns.

If it doesn't return, vote with your wallet. Youtube Music has playlist radio on everything and 1 month free trial:

Updated on 2019-03-20

Hey folks, 


The Radio feature should appear on the context menu of most albums, tracks and playlists. To access the menu, just right click on desktop or click the three dots on mobile. There you'll see the option to select 'Go to Song/Album/Playlist Radio'. 


As a heads up, there's been some recent changes to the way Radio works. You can check out the details of this here. It looks like the more recent comments on this thread are about these changes to Radio. There's a new idea about this specifically which you can add your vote to here.




This is the first thing that's caused me to consider canceling my premium and moving to a different service. I use Playlist Radio frequently to quickly create stations with a particular atmosphere or flavor. "Genre radio" is not a sufficient substitute for my radio station that's 50% jazz and 50% viking ritual. "Song radio" is not nearly as powerful as creating a mood station that spans a few songs I like.


Playlist radio is an essential function to me – I use it all the time. Now, as far as I can see, there is no way to create a radio based on a playlist in the Linux (desktop) app (version – neither in the context menus nor in the «Radio» section.

It seems that the «Create similar playlist» is supposed to replace the playlist radio (?). However, this does not provide the same functionality (and it clogs up my list of playlists ...). For instance: Creating a «similar playlist» of a very short playlists creates another very short playlist.

Of all the radio creation options (song, album, artist, playlist), this was the most important, as it could easily replace the others (just make a playlist with only that song/album/artist and start a playlist radio of it). The reverse is not possible.


Now it seems that even the "Create Station" option has been removed from the PC app. All I see is old stations! 


Status changed to: New Suggestion

That's something I used a lot -- hope it returns soon!


I only just recently got premium under a 3 month for $3.99 deal, I think it was. Weeks under a month later and the remove my favorite feature. I'll use my words first, but I expect my wallet will speak much louder.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Playlist radio is literally the single biggest reason I use Spotify over others. I rarely listen to my playlists only the radio of my playlists so I can listen to different music personalised to a subset of my music.
Artist radio is useless to me.


Why is this marked as "new idea" - this is actually a newly introduced bug or even BLOCKER as it prevents you from using this core feature!


Absolutely Pathetic move from spotify. The change, the response, everything. This is why they don't want to have release notes, they don't want people to know what is happening. They count on features going away without people noticing.


I have a temporary solution I've outlined here:
But I need to re-iterate, we are doing this only because of the complete and abject failure of the development team to maintain even basic functionality of their system. This is unacceptable and anyone reading this should consider searching for alternatives, as I am.