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[Shows] Podcast Submissions

Sharing your podcast on Spotify gives you access to millions of Spotify listeners!

You can now easily submit and manage your podcast with Spotify for Podcasters. Just head there and request access (you’ll need an active Spotify account to log in with).

There's more info on this here.



Spotify should add a way for podcast hosts to submit/upload their podcasts to Spotify.


Currently Spotify has a list of aggregators to use to get music on Spotify, but there should also be a way to get your podcasts onto Spotify.

Updated on 2018-02-23

Hi all,


As @MattSuda has rightly pointed out, you can now go to this FAQ to learn more about getting Podcasts on Spotify. 


If you have any further questions, you should reach out to the team directly using the 'Contact Us' section at the bottom of that site.



Status changed to: Up for Votes

Great idea,have been reading about this and how spotify maybe adding this option.

and an owner of a sucsefull UK gaming podcast, then yup, would love this option to get our show out there.


I concur. We have a growing show covering a new Blizzard game and would love to get our show listed on Spotify. Please add the ability to submit, even through a review process.


Yeah, I was hoping this was going to happen. Was really excited to hear that Spotify would now be hosting podcasts, think they are generally a far superior program than iTunes, and I use Spotify constantly. I have a small independent podcast, and have generally been really pleased and impressed by how easy and democratic it was to add the podcast to iTunes and Stitcher and other directories. I am pretty surprised that Spotify isn't opening their directory to submissions, and really hope that everyone else being disappointed in this as well will result in them reconsidering this policy. Figured I'd toss my opinion into the pool. 


Yeah, some kind of word aboutthis from Spotify would be great. Even if the want to do a review process, they should start it off now.


A way for others to submit their shows would be nice... The more options Spotify provides their users, the better everyone is.


It would be wonderful if spotify allowed people to put their podcast on, plenty of other popular sites allow this, spotify should help out the "little" people and allow our content to be heard!


Agreed. Let's go spotify!

I've been using Spotify playlists on college radio for a few years. I think this would be a great way to incorporate user-created content into playlists for podcast/playlist hybrids and I'm excited to see what Spotify does with this idea to foster user community and interaction especially as other services try to catch up.
The reason I use Spotify is that I can listen to almost any artist I want without changing apps. This behavior applies to podcasts, too. I'm not going to turn on Spotify for one show, then go to another app for other shows I like. I'm just going to open one app that contains them all, and there are already plenty of other apps that do this well. Carry all the podcasts or none at all. People don't come to Spotify for heavily moderated content.