[Social] Block Followers

Status: Implemented

I believe there should be a way to block people that are following you on Spotify. When blocked, the user will automatically unfollow you and will not be able to find you, or view your public playlists.


Blocking should be possible via both username and email address.



Updated on 2021-11-16

Hi everyone,


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We’re pleased to confirm that all users now have the option to block another user on Spotify. With this update, you can actively block another user across desktop and mobile devices, preventing them from being able to see listening activity, public playlists, or view profile pages.


Here’s how it works:

  • When visiting another user’s profile, click on the   (...) button.
  • Select “Block” (or “Block User” on mobile) to block the user whose profile you are viewing.
  • This user will now be blocked and cannot access your page, public playlists or view your listening activity.
  • To unblock a user, click the Unblock option in the same menu.

We're always working hard to provide the best possible Spotify experience in a safe environment.

Please see here for more information.


This is a mental health and stability issue for many folks. I think that deleting/blocking followers is a good idea that should be implemented ASAP. I have talked to several people who have personally dealt with domestic violence or other types of harassment and have worked to cleanse themselves of a difficult past. Many other social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) have an "accept/decline friend" or "accept/decline follow request." 


Please do not allow harassers to continue to have Spotify as an option for having any contact or abusive acts. For example, some harassers will listen to the same artist or same song as soon as the victim is listening. Currently, the only solution is to go into "private listening" mode, and this has problems because it is preventing typical users from sharing and connecting with friends and family, and sharing music--which is supposed to be a source of joy and comfort.


If this function is not changed soon, I am certain that Spotify will lose many customers through a boycott, and will also face public shaming from it's loyal and avid supporters.


I would love this feature, lots of spam accounts to block 😛


please let us block people, currently we cannot prevent people from following us who we wish not to. This is not okay as it creates a massive lack of privacy. Because of this, people feel uncomfortable about going online without using a private session as it may tell someone, who we wish not to know, what music we listen to.  Music can be the gate way to out emotions and hearts, so please instate this feature so we can be protect ourselves from any harm.


Come on! I think it is not that hard to add this feature to your road map. You should take care of your customers' requests. There are even those who are paying for premium version.


Come on Spotify! this suggestion has been requested in various places for YEARS! Every other social media service has this option. It's not difficult. Get with it!


Come on Spotify, please give us an update when this is going to be implemented. We need this sorted now! Listen to the community and your customers. 


Spotify doesnt give a sh*t about the users opinions..... I have a playlist stalker that I need to be able to block ASAP 


      Music is personal and a passion for me.  This statement applies to many, if not most, Spotify users.  Being able to see what others are listening to and exploring others' tastes in music are great features of Spotify, but their pitfall is that the user does not know who is viewing their music and playlists.  It is inexplicable that Spotify still does not have an option to block users.  If one is really desperate to stop someone from looking on their page, they must make all playlists private, which is very unfortunate; it also stops everyone else from viewing one's music.  Part of what makes Spotify so great is that one can personalize it and create playlists and stations of their own.  It is unsettling to think that people I don't want viewing my personal playlists are still able to.   Spotify, please make blocking users an option. 


Please make an option to delete any unwanted followers. It’s extrmely scary to think people can follow your music. I do NOT want to share any of my playlists and I certainly don’t want anyone following me especially crazy stalkers. I am contemplating deleting Spotify for this reason ALONE! I should have to option to have NO followers if I wish since it is a costly app. 


How could a company allow this? Ones private playlists shouldn’t be available to anyone else if they don’t want it! I DO NOT WANT ANYONE FOLLOWING ME! Please make an option for this! I have one follower and I’m furious that she is following me! I want it taken off if I am paying for this I should have the option who is able to see my page and I want it private ! This is inexcusable Spotify and after reading other comments I am very upset that this isn’t hasnt been resolved. It can’t be complicated for users to block or remove followers on their page. You can’t deny it’s money related we all pay a very generious fee to use this app and legally when someone is endangered because of this option then what? Then you’ll change it? Make the change before something serious happens.