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View queue on iPhone

I'm sure this is asked a lot, but it's a simple feature request I think! The ability to view your play queue on the iOS app. Perhaps implement it the same way that Sonos do, so you can add to play next or get an album to play and replace your entire queue, for example.


Hey folks! In our latest iOS release (1.4.0) you can view and control your Play Queue.

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it's ridiculous that this basic feature isn't implemented yet. Spotify issued release notes saying the feature was included and being gradually rolled out OVER A YEAR AGO. Yet over a few releases, they stopped mentioning it and it's now disappeared. This is a feature that the Android app has had for ages. Please make this a priority!


This is an absolute requirement for premium customers. I will cancel my subscription if it isn't implemented very soon.

I agree I had MOG music app for years and was always able to view and edit my queue. Last month it changed to the new Beats app they have been advertising so I tried it. Same problem with not being able to view queue so I tried spotify and am still dissapointed that I cannot find another music apps with that feature. I feel that whoever decides to implement this feature first will be the superior app to use.
@amk623 - Rdio has this feature, and I love it. I switched to it from Spotify a long time ago, and I'm really glad I did. You should give it a try. They have a free trial.
It's here!!!!
Status changed to: Implemented


Hey folks! In our latest iOS release (1.4.0) you can view and control your Play Queue.

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Well look at that! Thank you Meredith! 


...Too bad I'm on Android now 🙂



Where is that play queue? I can't find it. Are you still rolling that out or should all users already have this feature that you started rolling out a year ago?


I'm using iPhone 5S, iOS 7.1.2, Spotify


Now the queue works on my iPhone! You probably did something - thank you!


I'm not sure if I understand. Has the ability to change the order of the play queue been implemented? If so I cannot figure out how to accomplish this.