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Way to prevent duplicates in playlists.

I have big playlists, and would like a built in way to prevent duplicates from occuring in my playlists.  This could be an option to prevent, or select/hide duplicates.

Update 2015-03-17


Hello everyone. Spotify here. With the latest release of the Desktop app, this feature is now available across Desktop, iOS and Android. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 16.42.29.png


I hesitate to comment without bringing any news, but I wanted to let everyone know this hasn't been forgotten.

The two most annoying problems with Spotify "Ability to Delete Radio Stations" and "Way to prevent duplicates in playlists" are not only the the top 2 ideas, they have been suggested over 20 months (!) ago and still not implemented. WTF is wrong with you? Obviously it was more important to bother people with stupid follower suggestions from people that are not even using Spotify or don't have a single playlist. Reconsider you priorities!

Me and my friend are doing a gnarly collab. playlist for months.  Just because I am not able to set admin rights to my friend, we cannot share this nasty beast with friends and other people who want to improve their taste. Why? Because we do not want other people to interfere with the flow going on, that simple! We have ideas about the concept but you are ruining it, and you know it. 


From the day Spotify launched, you guys gave significant importance to the idea of sharing.  I cannot believe how this feature was implemented without this setting. Yet again, I am amazed it has been nearly two years since this topic was mentioned and still not resolved. 


Just open your source to my guy from development dept. and  I will have it done in 2 hours. Later we will move to

Guessed right! We want to right click to a playlist and select delete duplicates. You are all using this program. You all see these very important topics. Just... just fix these, OK? 


This idea should be implemented already. Do it.


Pleae add this feature.    Here, I'll make it easy for you:


In  "onAddToPlayListEvent"  code:  



IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM User_Playlist WHERE song_Id = @SongID AND user_id = @userID)

        //  Insert song in playlist.



Recompile. Publish. Done.


Why is this status still displaying as "Under Construction"?  This is a major downer to Spotify that can be easily resolved.  PLEASE IMPLEMENT this feature throughout all your platroms?  This will make for a lot of happy users!!!!!


Why is this not being implemented? It is a super-annoying flaw and it seems incredibly easy to implement.


I'm glad to see this is under consideration. I like what's been suggested so far, but if we could even get the following piece, I think it would be a surprisingly huge thing for most users:


When I right-click a track > Add To, I'd sure like to have any playlists I've already added that track to be checkmarked. The UI already does this when you add it (changes the playlist name green and shows a checkmark), but it's a one-time effect, and doesn't linger for some reason. If this stayed for each playlist the track was found on, it would solve most (of mine, at least) issues with track duplication.


I feel like since the elements for this already exist, this might be an easier early version of this feature to implement. Sorry if this has been suggested in this thread already and I missed it! Thanks for reading!

I'm in desperate need for a duplicate acknowledgment function. 

The best way to implement it would be: 
Right click playlist -> Choose FIND DUPLICATES -> delete/move/rename/keep/ignore/inform Spotify about faulty version or poor sound quality 

And then let the user choose what to do with the result(s). 
That way there will be no or at least less accidental deletions/renamings etc.
In my case I was just about to add >3500 local files to my >7500 songs playlist. It is not funny to get hundreds of duplicates in that list.
And NO, I will never stop adding songs to my giant playlist since 1) I want my playlist BIG,  2) each song is handpicked by me, 3) I've been building this list for >6 years now.

What's to consider?! Just do it already!


Also a proper library of albums/artists you like easy access to would be nice... I really dislike how timeconsuming it is to find music you haven't already placed and/or duplicated in playlists, which in itself is timeconsuming!