[Wear OS] Offline Music on Wear OS devices

Status: Implemented

Please add offline music support to the wearable without need to be connected to the main phone /tablet.

Eg Bluetooth headphones connected to my smartwatch listening to music while I'm running.

This is now supported by the watch OS http://officialandroid.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/jogging-and-jamming-with-android-wear.html?m=1

Updated on 2021-09-07

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the support you’ve shown in this idea and for the feedback since the roll-out began.


We’ve thoroughly relayed and discussed it with the Wear OS team and wanted to make a quick update on things you can expect to see first.


Regarding shuffle options, we’re happy to say that this feature is ready and will be gradually rolled out.


Separately, we can also confirm that the app keeps some info stored in order to reduce data usage. This includes previously played and downloaded content, which gets cleared when it hasn’t been played for a while. To offer the same amount of control as on the mobile app we’ll provide an option to manually clear the cache from the Settings menu.


Finally, we hear you on the point that the Spotify interface on your wrist should have the same Your Library as on other devices and have the same playlists available. If you don't see it already, you will soon.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts as we develop the Wear OS experience. We’ll keep you posted on any new updates, as soon as there are any.

Take care! 


Six years in and this still isn't a functionality? Definitely makes me consider cancelling my membership and switching platform...


@ Edimahler - you are actually incorrect, the only smartwatches that have offline spotify are some Garmin models and Samsung Tizen models. Not even Apple Watch has offline spotify (the best selling wearable in the world).


Really does make wonder about spotify.


Would take them a couple of grand at the most to get a dev to enable this functionality for them on all platforms, which would give them a significant boost. 


I refuse to pay for premium until I can use it the way I want to use it.

Status changed to: Implemented

Updated on 2020-10-21

Hi folks.

I'm setting this to Implemented and let me try to explain why.

The ability to go offline with Wear OS has been implemented. You'll find our own, specific support page on that here. Currently, that page also provides this link, which can be of help.


"This may be implemented for some devices, but not mine."

Yes, this may well apply to you. Here's our situation:

We have a lot of very good idea submissions in this Idea Exchange. We love getting all your ideas; and we're even happier when we can set any idea to Implemented.

However, when we have ideas like this one, that are very broad in nature, it becomes virtually impossible to set it to Implemented because Wear OS (in this case) is a big category and encapsulates many devices.

All (wearable) devices are different and support different features; either because of their platform, their software or their hardware (limitations.)

This leaves us with some ideas that could theoretically remain open until the end of time, which doesn't really help anyone.

One option would be to keep one, big idea open and update it every time a new device receives the applicable update, but then we think about the incoming Likes and we can't tell which device those are really for.


In conclusion, while practically all ideas are good ones, some are impossible to ever resolve and admin can get chaotic.

If your particular device is not yet supported we encourage you to submit a new, and more specific idea for your device. This way we can show all relevant developers and product folks what your priority is.


While I appreciate the feedback, I can't help but feel that this IS just a way to make you happy by saying the idea is implemented. I do acknowledge that there are a lot of different devices running Wear OS (that's the beauty of it), and you could say that it shouldn't be expected that very old devices like my Sony Smartwatch 3 would get all the functionality, but saying that implementing such a feature in all newer devices is basically too difficult, can't be true. It's not like you have to implement it specifically for each edge case, but rather have the app do some checks of available storage and processing power possibly on the device, to determine if it supports the feature. All the new devices are running the same software in the end.

And the fact that you suggest that we post more specific ideas instead, will just result in more unique discussions, with fewer people interested in each one of them, giving fewer "likes" and thereby gaining less traction - which means that you don't have to "implement" them..


What? Can you tell one Smart Watch with Wear OK that works offline?


After years you came here to tell us a Lie, that's not fair for us. This is Not Implemented, like iniemamocny said don't blame software. From you side you think Spotify to Android Phones will only work on some models? 


I bet you don't even believe in what you write for us.


Zrzut ekranu 2020-10-21 131228.jpg 


They censor the truth! 


First they lie about implementing a offline functionality in "some" wear os devices (wchich is a massive lie). Then they delete posts that are unfavorable for them and expose their incompetence and lies.


There is no wear os device that have a offline playback spotify app.


First I was very happy when I started reading Goodmans post. ...but after realising what it actually meant, the feeling changed to more of a "are you kidding me?!" in misbelief. 
Very strange strategy from Spotify officials to claim this being implemented when It so clearly is not.


First of all: Thank you "Goodman" to finally answer in this forum about this idea. It really looked like you wouldn't be interested in your users anymore, thus my provocation seems to be fruitful.


Nevertheless I still don't understand which Wear OS watches should be able to play music offline, without being bound to the smartpjone/tablet. Could you please explain us, which Wear OS devices should support this?


Thanks very much and best regards,



I open a new thread for this, because at this point we cannot revert this form an "implemented" Idea. I'm speechless. 


Yes, we could. If everyone that posted previously in this topic, would bother to comment again, that could give those spotify guys something to think. 


Or we could write to Androiauthority, androidcentral, phandroid, reddit, etc. About what is going on here, and how spotify team is lying to us, their clients, who pay their sallary.