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[Wear OS] Offline Music on Wear OS devices

Please add offline music support to the wearable without need to be connected to the main phone /tablet.

Eg Bluetooth headphones connected to my smartwatch listening to music while I'm running.

This is now supported by the watch OS

Updated on 2021-09-07

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the support you’ve shown in this idea and for the feedback since the roll-out began.


We’ve thoroughly relayed and discussed it with the Wear OS team and wanted to make a quick update on things you can expect to see first.


Regarding shuffle options, we’re happy to say that this feature is ready and will be gradually rolled out.


Separately, we can also confirm that the app keeps some info stored in order to reduce data usage. This includes previously played and downloaded content, which gets cleared when it hasn’t been played for a while. To offer the same amount of control as on the mobile app we’ll provide an option to manually clear the cache from the Settings menu.


Finally, we hear you on the point that the Spotify interface on your wrist should have the same Your Library as on other devices and have the same playlists available. If you don't see it already, you will soon.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts as we develop the Wear OS experience. We’ll keep you posted on any new updates, as soon as there are any.

Take care! 

Status changed to: Up for Votes
This is a must. Looking forward to not taking my phone with me whilst on a run.

This has to happen.  Phones are too big to run with and the only way to bring spotify with me on my run.




Yes, great idea! Google Music supports it now, but I prefer Spotify. 


 Good idea. Indeed!


I would love to see this as well. I don't want to jump ship in favor of Google Play, but I will if it's the only available option for this. I prefer Spotify in every way though, so I'll give it a couple of months to see if they let us know where they're at with this idea.

This is every runner music lover's dream!
I definitely support this idea. Our user experience is evolving with the use of wearables (in my case Smartwatch 3) towards offline music and Spotify must be there also!
Offline Spotify on Sony smart watch 3 + offline running app = very happy runner = PR...

Please keep us informed of when this is activated - happy to beta test if that helps?