[Wear OS] Offline Music on Wear OS devices

Status: Implemented

Please add offline music support to the wearable without need to be connected to the main phone /tablet.

Eg Bluetooth headphones connected to my smartwatch listening to music while I'm running.

This is now supported by the watch OS

Updated on 2021-09-07

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the support you’ve shown in this idea and for the feedback since the roll-out began.


We’ve thoroughly relayed and discussed it with the Wear OS team and wanted to make a quick update on things you can expect to see first.


Regarding shuffle options, we’re happy to say that this feature is ready and will be gradually rolled out.


Separately, we can also confirm that the app keeps some info stored in order to reduce data usage. This includes previously played and downloaded content, which gets cleared when it hasn’t been played for a while. To offer the same amount of control as on the mobile app we’ll provide an option to manually clear the cache from the Settings menu.


Finally, we hear you on the point that the Spotify interface on your wrist should have the same Your Library as on other devices and have the same playlists available. If you don't see it already, you will soon.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts as we develop the Wear OS experience. We’ll keep you posted on any new updates, as soon as there are any.

Take care! 


Blatant lies! This has not been implemented in any way shape or form!

There is not a single WearOS device that has Spotify offline music and that is the fault of Spotify!


I will not be paying for Premium until they offer offline playback on WearOS.

Status changed to: Under Consideration
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Updated on 2020-10-21

Hi again everyone,


We got this one wrong. As you well know, offline playback for Spotify on Wear OS is currently not supported. Sorry about our mistake with the recent update here in Community. 


Your feedback is reaching the teams here at Spotify - and we’re changing this Idea to ‘Under Consideration’. 


Please keep the votes coming and watch this space for further updates.




You should already done this offline app. It's already 6 years under consideration. C'mon people, this ain't that difficult. Also now, when wear os is on it's rise of popularity, and new hardware on a snap-like fast chipset emerges, there is no better time to do this, than now. Look, youtube music is breathing on your neck, there will be a offline app for wear os soon. They already made their app for apple watches. So you really shouldn't ignore your users now.


Well, I definitely comment again! This is extremely disappointing! I was happy to support the one big European tech company we have, but this behaviour is just too much. 9to5Google has an articel online and others will report it too, here in Germany as well. This is not the way to treat your customers!


Thank you, "Loneliest_Cabin", we finally feel at least being heared, this is already a huge change compared to the last years of waiting for answers here. Highly appreciate this! And many thanks for being as honest to tell us about your mistake / missunderstanding.


Well, but as others already stated as well, there has to be a solution for this really soon now. Your competitors aren't sleeping and partially already brought out solutions for this. Technically it's so unbeliavebly easy to implement this, you already tried out the Spotify Mod mentioned on this forum already for sure by yourself. And yeah, using a music player like NavMusic also shows you, that offline content downloaded to the watch directly can be streamed easily.


So please, give it highest priority now. As we all know, Google is starting through with a bigger update of wear OS soon, so it's not dead at all! 😉

Thanks very much!


Well, I just need online playback without being connected to a phone


Can't believe Goodman came on and trolled everyone like this after 6 years, this thread is comical.


I'll be getting rid of Spotify as soon as there's a decent competitor that supports offline playback.


There you go. You ware asking for it spotify team. 


And also, you've done this implemented status or dismissed idea mistake one time in the past already. You should learn on your mistakes.