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[Web Player] Spotify Connect for Web Player

Hi, I know this idea has been on here before but I think its a great idea to include the web app in Connect. Would help me alot with my servers at home etc. Anyone know if its under development?



Updated on 2018-06-16

Hey everyone,


since a while Spotify Connect is available as a Premium Feature for the Web Player. 🙂


I'm on a Chromebook too...... 



I really think this would be a good idea


Great idea as i cant control the music playing on my stereo thorugh PS4 easliy. I have a chromebook so this is so much needed, or an app for chromebook has to be released


Any news???? 


As I said before, I wouldn't get my hopes up for this,  mwerner, the playback may be controlled server-side, but the discovery of your local playback device clearly has to happen on your local network. And this step is impossible from a browser (and that's a good thing, security-wise)

I would give kudos to dedicated apps instead of this idea

ArneDeruwe, do they need to be on the same network? Because from a programming standpoint, I think it would make sense if the account had a universal "now playing" feature. Any device logged into your account would just report it is currently playing back to the server. 

The server would then report back to all of the devices what song is playing, and on which device. Each device logged in would see which song the account is playing, no matter which device it is playing from. If I was playing music on my desktop, I could control it on my laptop. That'd be awesome.


This would also work with the web player.

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated: 2015-09-15

Hey guys, we are marking this as 'Not Right Now'. That doesn't mean it's permanently off the table though, when we have any updates on this we will post again here. Thanks!


I would also find this useful - thanks!

I'd like to see this too. I think it's confusing to people when Connect works on every Spotify version except Web Player.
Yes, this would be really nice.