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[Your Library] Bring back Artist page that contains saved songs

After the new mobile app UI update, I can no longer click artist in "Your Library" to find all my saved songs from that artist. It will go the Search artisit page which only have popular songs and all album/singles/ep. This means I can no longer only play the songs I liked from that artist. 


It was not that annoying at first though. I hate the new UI anyway so I spent an hour to rollback the old iOS app.  But now Spotify also updated the Windows Desktop version and the library artist page is gone! Now that's very annoying because I can't rollback to old version and it will always automatically update to the stupid new version.


If Spotify ain't gonna fix this, i'll have to switch to Apple Music.




Updated on 2020-05-12

Hey folks,

We're marking this as implemented.

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and feedback to this idea.
Right now, on mobile and desktop clicking an artist in Your Library will allow you to view all of the saved songs you've got from that artist.

If you're not seeing this, we'd recommend reaching out by starting a new thread in the help boards.


Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2019-03-12

Marked as a new idea. Thanks for bringing your ideas to the Community 🙂


Having a remix of an artist to start his This is, isn’t what i dreamt of when i thought of Spotify. 

Kid Cudi’s This is, is starting with a remix from steve aoki, and it ain’t nothing like Cudi’s style, it’s just an edm remix that was fun in 2013. It is really trash to have to skip the first song of my favorite artist’s This is. I hope you guys understand this and fix it. 


Obecnie nie można odtwarzać tylko zapisanych utworów danego artysty lub z danego albumu po wybraniu z poziomu biblioteki. Odtwarzają się wszystkie zapisane i niezapisane. To jest okropne. Domagam się powrotu do poprzedniego stanu. Zapisywanie utworów nic obecnie nie daje.


This isn't a new idea, you changed the way "artists" in my library work


@Jose_M wrote:

Updated on 2019-03-12

Marked as a new idea. Thanks for bringing your ideas to the Community 🙂

This is not a feature, it's a bug. I checked my friend's spotify and his worked just the way it did before. Why does the artists section under Your Library not show your tracks in Your Library but rather only lists the artists that you follow? Shouldn't that be under like a Following section instead? Please fix this bug, the only way I can listen to certain songs in my library by certain artists is by going to the songs section and filtering it.


I get there are many complaints about the new UI, but this is the key one for me and one I just cannot even begin to comprehend. As long as there have been record collections people have been sorting by artist then album. If I wanted their feed I'd follow them on Twitter.




THIS IS A BUG. It has made my ENTIRE Spotify app almost useless. I am not going to go and make entire playlists for all the separate artists and saved songs that I could EASILY access from Recently Played artists. I agree with poster above... I can switch to Apple Music. Spotify WAS easy and convenient, now you’ve messed up my groove. Inconvenient and annoying... 


I strongly second this! I've always looked through my library by artist and selected my music and made playlists in the same manner. It seems extremely inconvenient to create playlists now or even locate songs you're looking for to add, without having to manually search for them outside of your library... It was perfect before so please change it back! 


Is this gonna fixed soon or should I jump over to Apple music?