[iOS] Apple Watch: Spotify Streaming and Offline Listening

Status: Implemented

Apple Watch: Offline Listening


watchOS 5 should allow Spotify to develop an app that allows offline listening and streaming via cellular data.


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Updated on 2021-07-20

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.

Тhis has been one of our most upvoted ideas and we've known it's something that our users would really like to see come true. 
We're happy to announce that this feature will now become available for the Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

It will be gradually rolled out, so it might take a bit until everybody has access to it.  That being said, we'd like to let you know that the roll-out rate has increased a lot in the last weeks, so if you haven't received the feature in the past, try reinstalling the app on your watch again and there's a big chance you'll get Offline listening now.

Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better and voting to make this happen, here on the Community.


@bernzify wrote:

So am I to believe that the https://www.timetoplayfair.com is propaganda by Spotify (or someone else)? I'm curious to know how you know all that you stated?


All the Siri/Apple Watch information was announced and made available at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (an event for software developers which happens every June).  


The Time to Play Fair site is Spotify's site to back up their legal case against Apple about App Store fees.  It is truthful, but like most things, it is written from one perspective because it's there to do a particular job. 




Sounds cool and it would be really cool to listen to music without your phone.


The European Union's antitrust body is set to launch a formal investigation into Apple on claims that the tech giant's App Store policies hinder competitors of its Apple Music service


If Pandora has offline playback, there's really no excuse for Spotify not having this one.

They are just not priorotizing it.


Also worth noting, that there are 2 requests here, headphones playback, and offline playback. 

I will switch a streaming service if they do not deal with that anytime soon. Enough time has passed.


I'm interested in an Apple Watch, but I want to be able to play music while I run. I'd prefer to use Spotify, but if Spotify doesn't offer the solution to listen to offline music, I'll be cancelling my Spotify subscription. 


The Apple Watch app has been out for roughly 6 months now and watchOS 5 should have provided you with the APIs necessary to play background music...


That said, why have we yet to see the ability to listen to music directly on our watch (without the phone or other speakers nearby)? Likewise, why have we yet to see the ability to have offline content on the watch itself?


I think we all know that when your userbase was asking for a Spotify app for watchOS, these were key features they wanted... not just a remote control.

It'd be nice to get some official feedback on this feature... is it planned? is it in development? are there technical limitations or struggles that you're facing? or have you decided not to implement it?

I think, if you have followed the last days between Apple and Spotify, Apple should have restrictions and thus refuse Spotify the app ... at least as an offline mode app!

I think, if you have followed the last days between Apple and Spotify, Apple should have restrictions and thus refuse Spotify the app ... at least as an offline mode app!

Last stays update November 2018. That’s a joke.

That is not true. See the video instead of throwing out there wrong information, Apple denied them an app that was allowing people to pay in it, not through Apple (so Spotify can avoid the 30% outrageous comission).

If Spotify develop an offline app, I dount it would be denied. Pandora's wasn't.