(iOS) Rename playlists

Status: Implemented

Implement the ability to rename playlists in the iOS app pls.

Updated: 2015-12-25

Hello everyone,

as mentioned, this should now be implemented.
At the top of the Playlist just tap on "Edit" and then on "Rename" to change a Playlist name.


Thank you for adding kudos to this idea here! 😉

Status changed to: Implemented

Since most people are using their mobile devices more these days, the ability to rename playlists on mobile needs to be added.

You know people want it
This is ridiculous. It shouldn't be an issue we have to ask to be fixed.
I installed spotify yesterday and just found out that I can't rename playlists on my iPhone... Are you kidding me?
On Rhapsody, if you press on a playlist name for a few seconds you open up a menu that offers options including rename playlist. Very simple. (I'm using both services now, and Rhapsidy surprisingly has many features lacking in Spotify.)

Seriously Spotify. I figured that maybe like FaceBook it would be a pain but I could log in through Safari and rename my playlist there. But no I have to dig out my laptop?


Come on get real!

How has this still not been added to the apps? It's starting to feel like Spotify is always a few years behind with adding features. Features that should've been in there from the start.

How is it possible that this isn´t implemented at this point? The main platform for Spotify has to be mobile devices. 


Get with it Spotify crew. Please.