"Your Music" Feature on Sonos

I am an avid user of both Sonos and Spotify. Since migrating their "Starred" feature to "Your Music", I have lost the ability to access "Your Music" songs directly in Sonos.


I think is would be great to have this feature accessible in Sonos.

Updated: 2015-10-14

We’re thrilled to finally announce that per your request Your Music is coming to Sonos. All your go-to songs and playlists right at your fingertips. Including Discover Weekly, a custom 2-hour mixtape programmed just for you and served up piping hot every Monday. Enjoy!


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Marked as new idea and edited the title from "My music" to "Your Music" since that's how the new feature is called - so it's easier to find via search. 😉

And Spotify radio in Sonos please.

Yes please. If you can, please improve the integration with Sonos.


As an alternative, if Spotify does not upgrade their API, Google Music is also an excellent option, and it has far superior integration with Sonos than Spotify has at this point.

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Yes, this would be great.


The "Your Music" feature (which replaced the "starred" feature) is an extremly important feature within Spotify.  I just got off the phone with Sonos support who told me this cannot be integrated into Sonos until Spotify "releases an API" .  This is the same thing Sonos told me last year when I inquried about the spotify radio feature (also not available in Sonos).  I am not optimistic that Spotify will ever make the required changes anytime soon and I'm starting to look at other music services.  This is unfortunate, because I love Spotify.  However, I've invested heavily into Sonos and cannot replace this system any time soon.  Please, Spotify - do the right thing and make this right.

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I have asked for this through a Forum post in the Spotify forum before and also on the Sonos forums but to no avail



I hate to say it but I doubt this is going to be something that's getting looked at by us giving Kudos to it?


How many Spotify/Sonos users who actually want this GO onto this site/forum and voice their opinion?  I'd be willing to bet hardly any.  Consumers will buy a product based on Product reviews online or word of mouth and how it fits in with their lifestyle etc?


Consumers aren't going to buy a product and then spend countless days/months replying to forums and submitting IDEAS for features which should really be a given in the first place



Both Spotify and Sonos need to get their act in gear.  Better integration on both parts will boost Customer satisfaction, earn more Spotify subscribers and boost Sonos profits as consumers will be enticed to buy more products from them.





From my understanding, Sonos are only too willing to accomodate the new features into their system, but Spotify are holding out on adding the features into their API, thus making it impossible.


This complete arrogant approach to alienating paying customers doesn't sit well with me, and I'm assuming many others also. Its completely understandable that Spotify wish to persue obligations to partners in the Spotify Connect program, and I'm not totally sure why Sonos aren't being allowed to join in.


The simple fact is, I and many, many other customers use Sonos systems. Thats a fact. I'm not going to get rid of all of my equipment, or stop reccomending it to friends, because a single service won't co-operate. 


I like Spotify. I want to continue to give money to the company and help it continue to grow. But this bullish attitude is making me turn elsewhere.


I have been a Sonos fan and user since day one of R&D at BestBuy Corporate.  This is a real tool for music listening and also feel this needs to change on Spotify's end!  I just lost the best music service ever, MOG, and checking out new streaming tools.  I honestly feel that I will try out Beats or someother service if i can't see My Music or my favorite arists via Sonos, seeming this is where I do a large percentage of my listening.  This is a sad moment in 2014 when app developers can't simply deliver a simple request by a user.  Bye bye Spotify if I don't see this soon.

Just wanted to add my support to this topic. Love my Sonos, big investment not going to change it any time soon. Love Spotify but very disappointed with the lack of integration and lack of functionality when using it with Sonos. Google Play is looking more and more attractive. If there is no sign of improvement very soon from Spotify I will be reluctantly changing my music streaming service!

Another one here frustrated with the restrictions of Spotify. I had been waiting for ages for Spotify to add 'collection' and when they finally did and I re-subscribed to premium I found that they are not supported in Sonos. I understand this is because Spotify won't open up the API to allow Sonos to access these functions, and it's been suggested that it's because they are trying to push Spotify Connect. Fair enough, but Sonos have alays been a supporter of Spotify and I have often been a paid user, and frankly am close to ditching it for the last time and sticking with Rdio or Google Music.


Please, sort it out Spotify! 😠