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[All Platforms] Allow “hide song” function to sync across ALL devices and ALL playlists

I often use my iPad, via mobile hotspot, as a “remote control” for the Spotify app running on my iPhone (which has the data plan). This allows me to switch tracks, like music, etc. while working on the iPad without having to use my limited mobile hotspot data.


However, “hiding” a track from a list (daily mix, radio etc.) does not transfer from the iPad’s playlist to the current playlist running on the iPhone. Therefore, ”hide song” also does not force a skip to the next track.  Similarly, hidden tracks on the iPhone are not displayed as such on the iPad. This makes curating lists of music using multiple devices frustrating at best. It’s important to note that “liking” a track does in fact immediately sync to the other devices and therefore hiding a track should also be possible. Thank You.


Add on: Also, please fix “hide song” so that it syncs to all playlists throughout my account.  If I don’t want to hear a song, I NEVER want to hear it again.  This alone makes listening to multiple Daily Mixes unbearably annoying at times.

Updated on 2023-02-04

Hey, again! It looks like your suggestion is back to the road, cool! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' again. See you all on the next mark...
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Updated on 2020-05-08

Hey @HumbleRoJo,


Thanks for submitting your idea to the Idea Exchange!


We've gone ahead and marked this as a new idea. Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.


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This used to be a feature though. When it was “dislike” song instead of “hide” it greyed it out on all devices. Now it no longer does. However, if I hide on computer it’s not greyed on iPhone, but I still can’t play it. Making it even more disorganized. Can you just restore syncing hidden/dislikes songs across all devices linked to that account?  Every other feature syncs. 

Fix the “hide song” sync functionality at least for premium subscribers. It is annoying and certainly can not be characterized as a new feature.




It's so great to have hide song feauture to organise public playlist or your favourie albums/playlists.


But what's the point of this feauture if you use Spotify on multiple devices and hidden songs not syncronised between devices? I should hide song every time on each device? It sounds to me as a bug/incompleteness, not a new feature.


I would also like to add that hiding a song in one playlist (e.g. daily drive), should hide it across *all* playlists. If I dislike a song, I do not want to hear it ever again unless I search for it explicitly.


What a dim system, if the user wants it hidden, they want it hidden! Why get rid of dislike and replace it with a next-to-useless option? 



I have the same problem. I use Spotify on my Android smartphone and Spotify Connect on Playstation 4 and Teufel Internet Radio 3sixty. On my smartphone hidden songs are not played, perfect so far. But on Spotify Connect the hidden songs are played. I hope, the Spotify Team will fix this bug soon. Otherwise I will try Amazon Music.


I started to use the hide feature on my iPhone, and could not imagine this actually would not sync with my profile in the cloud. Hey, we almost have 2021 an my favorites are only stored locally on my device? Actually, while trying to make it synch (what is not possible as I now know), I already once lost all the hidden songs in public playlists. Very annoying.
I can only imagine that would happen again if I switched my phone.  


The way it is, it‘s a bug, not a feature!


It's insane that this post only has 27 votes. What can we do to make it more visible and therefore, force Spotify to take an action?


I'm thinking maybe I should go to some other streaming service... WHY CAN'T I HIDE THE SONGS I HATE??? Seriously? Come on guys, what is wrong with you. Dislike (or a hide) must be an ESSENTIAL FEATURE!!!