[All Platforms] Allow “hide song” function to sync across ALL devices and ALL playlists

I often use my iPad, via mobile hotspot, as a “remote control” for the Spotify app running on my iPhone (which has the data plan). This allows me to switch tracks, like music, etc. while working on the iPad without having to use my limited mobile hotspot data.


However, “hiding” a track from a list (daily mix, radio etc.) does not transfer from the iPad’s playlist to the current playlist running on the iPhone. Therefore, ”hide song” also does not force a skip to the next track.  Similarly, hidden tracks on the iPhone are not displayed as such on the iPad. This makes curating lists of music using multiple devices frustrating at best. It’s important to note that “liking” a track does in fact immediately sync to the other devices and therefore hiding a track should also be possible. Thank You.


Add on: Also, please fix “hide song” so that it syncs to all playlists throughout my account.  If I don’t want to hear a song, I NEVER want to hear it again.  This alone makes listening to multiple Daily Mixes unbearably annoying at times.

Updated on 2023-02-04

Hey, again! It looks like your suggestion is back to the road, cool! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' again. See you all on the next mark...
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Yes please reopen this feature request, seems like a basic thing to do that would make many user's experience better. Sure, I'll listen to the song a couple times before I decide I never want to hear it again, but once I've heard it 4-5 times and I always want to skip it after 6 seconds, I'm fairly sure I'd rather spend time listening to songs I actually like or take a chance on another discovery than this one who each time makes me thing "Why in the world hasn't Spotify fixed this UX issue yet?"


I'd really like the hide song feature to work across all devices. I see it requested all the time and I try to vote/comment whenever I see it. However, it seems like Spotify really doesn't want to enable this feature. I feel like we're all constantly being blown off. I requested help with this issue in another thread, as hide song was glitching on my iPad, and was told to vote here. *sigh* Sooner or later, another music streaming service is going to come along with this feature, and I'll be among the first to switch.


While this is clearly a feature that literally zero users would be opposed to, the reason that it will NEVER be implemented is that Spotify would no longer be able to make any sort of statements to an artist, promoter, management company, etc. about the potential impact of them streaming their product/song/podcast on Spotify. As soon as they started taking part in (paying for) exclusivity deals, they shut the door on users being able to directly control whether a certain artist/performer could be blocked on their personal accounts.


Spotify ads: "Sync your music on all your devices!"

Also Spotify: "Yeah, you can't sync your blocked songs because we think that your taste may radically change when you switch device. Stop thinking otherwise, we know better."


I have 1 account i Pay for. 
I would like my preferences to work on my account Regardless of which device i open it on. I have no possibility to refuse artists and songs on my Mac in the 3 dots.
My account should naturally be synchronised - I don't understand it's not made like that to begin with.
It is not good UI nor UX - Hope you would fix that asap - it's really a ridiculous situation/problem that shouldn't be.
Have all a nice day 🙂


can we resume this idea please?


it is nuts it doesn-t sync cross devices


Please reopen this!! 


Reopen this please, it has a significant amount of votes, and would have a lot more if the hide song functionality even existed on the desktop app.


This sucks! Your algorithms keep playing the songs I never want to hear again. I'm looking at Youtube music pretty strongly right now. 


I can't believe that this does not sync across devices. What's worse, this isn't even an option on the desktop.