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[All Platforms] Consolidate duplicates

It would be nice if Spotify can recognize identical songs to avoid duplicates in your Liked songs and playlists.


This is pretty common for songs released first as a single then within an album.


For example, if you like the single one, the UI will not show the song as liked when you browse the album. And if you like the song in the album, you'll end up with a duplicated version in your library.

This also happens a lot for songs that you listen in Daily Mix or Discover weekly. If it's not the exact same song you have already liked before, the UI is inconsistent and you can save a duplicate.


Apparently, there is already an internal merge mechanism as the play counter is not split between the different versions of the songs. Maybe this can also be used to consolidate the UI.



Repost of which didn't get enough kudos.

Hey everyone,


This suggestion got moved to the wrong place by mistake and we're setting it to live idea again. Thank you all for bringing your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We'll continue to monitor the comments here. Please note that even if the status is set to “Not Right Now" - you can still add your votes and support this idea, so that it would have a better chance of being considered, as Spotify always strives to improve your experience.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


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I´ve been experiencing the same problem and it's extremely annoying. I thought it was just me being picky but it´s good to know I'm not the only one.


First post about this issue is from 2014... Four years ago and still no solution.


This is pretty bad. I'm having this problem too.


Is sad to see this thread opened in 2014 and in 2018 this problem still not resolved by Spotify dev.


I'm also having this issue.  Would love to see a resolution soon.


Also still having this issue. 4 years without a resolution, and barely even an acknowledgement is pretty shocking. Really hope this gets picked up soon as its the only problem I have with Spotify, this bug ruins an otherwise perfect service.


It's 2018 and this is still happening to me. Did anyone find a solution?








Operating System



My Question or Issue

Songs that have already been added to library appear as unadded in artist pages (and elsewhere). Either Spotify has a terrible data model or they don't care about their users. Or perhaps it's both? How is it that it's been 4 years and this bug is still in the platform...


Hey @watertank.


Thanks for reaching out 🙂


Could you send us a screenshot to show us how it looks on your end? That would be really useful.





Yup same issue here. Just encountered it few days ago when I was going over my saved albums. I had many such albums. Just for example Cypress Hill - III. I had it in my library but if I then went to the artist's page it showed Save button instead of Saved. So if I then pressed Save I got duplicate albums.

It's like the albums in my library "lose connection" to the ones at artist pages after some time. 

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey folks,


Thank you for your feedback. We're filing this issue under "Needs more info". 


Could you provide us with a few more details, including:

  • Spotify version,
  • Device model and OS version,
  • How long you've been experiencing this issue for?
  • Do you experience this with all songs, or just certain songs?

Important: don't forget to add your vote in the top-right corner - that way the issue can get escalated.