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[All Platforms][Other] Button on play queue to shuffle current selections

Currently, in the panel "Playing from play queue" below "Now playing," if there are any selections queued, there is a listing titled "Next in Queue" with one option "Clear Queue".

My request - 

Add an additional button labeled "Shuffle", have it appear only if there is more than one selection in the queue. Pressing this "shuffle" button does a random sort of the selections currently in the queue.


Note : selections below in the "Next from" section are not included, no change is made to their order.


I need this because I routinely make a selection of singles and albums from several artists but I want then to shuffle the selections. This is kind of like building a playlist on the fly.


  1. An alternate idea would be to have a button that transfers selections in the queue to a playlist. But that is less preferable because I don't want a new playlist to be added

Updated on 2023-03-31

Hey! It looks like your suggestion is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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I realize my music taste has changed loads, so in my playlist, I have waves of different genres. and after I've made a queue it'd be nice to be able to shuffle the queue.

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Updated on 2021-01-19

Hey @waltmap,


Thanks for submitting your idea to the Idea Exchange!


We've gone ahead and marked this as a new idea. Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.


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I'd like to see this on all platforms.


I should be able to shuffle songs/albums/playlists/etc. that I "Add to Queue."


Maybe if they add an option to "Shuffle to Queue" or similar that'll just shuffle the selected song/album/playlists into the existing queue, so that we don't have to deal with the whole "Next in Queue" and "Next From:" situation.


Example of use case (I used to do this with Google Play): I have playlists by genre and mood.  I want to Shuffle my "Funk", "Jazz", and my "Hip Hop" playlist, so I go to each playlist and "Shuffle to Queue" them. 

The next day, I want to listen to just the "Funk" and "Hip Hop" playlist, and I want to also add some new albums and songs from new releases that day, so I just "Shuffle to Queue" the playlists and then go to the individual albums and songs and do the same.

It would suck to have to make a bunch of separate super specific, yet similar playlists just to be able to shuffle effectively.  "Add[ing] to Queue" is also not a elegant solution since they go directly to the top of the Queue as "Next in Queue" and when it comes to albums it would be a hassle to have to manually drag all individual songs down from "Next" and into the regular queue and reshuffle.


It should work like a deck(s) of cards.  You have a shuffled deck of cards (that's the initial playlist), then you shuffle another deck (the second playlist) and join it with the other deck.  You don't reshuffle the first deck, you just distribute the second deck into the first, scattering them throughout.  This repeats for any other decks (playlist/albums/songs) that you add.


I really really want better shuffling and queueing capabilities, can you tell?


@waltmap agreed! I love the queue function, especially for making quick workout playlists. It drives me crazy that I can't have it shuffle after adding songs though. I often resort to "shuffling" them manually which is a poor user experience. I hope your idea gains more momentum. 


And agreed with @Mags21 it'd be wonderful to have this feature on all platforms.


It's honestly ridiculous that Spotify doesn't have this "feature". This is something I've used on most music clients for more than 20 years.


My favorite way to listen to music is to add to the queue a few similar artists that I want to listen to at the moment and shuffle that queue. To do this in Spotify, I have to use a playlist. 


Seems like a small thing, but it's honestly got me thinking about going back to Google/YTM.


I think there should be a button to shuffle the songs you already have in your queue. Sometimes you find yourself adding lots of songs to the queue and it can be a pain to try to mix up the 20+ songs you worked hard to find. In addition to this many people queue entire playlist or album, if songs are already queued it would great to mix them. I’d love to hear feedback on this idea, let me know.

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Updated on 2021-04-15



Your idea was submitted a while ago and unfortunately didn't receive the amount of kudos needed to stay active in the ideas board (50 Kudos in the last 3 months). 

In order to keep the Ideas Exchange clearer I'll close this idea for now, but this doesn't mean Spotify rejected this idea.

Other Spotifyers will still have the opportunity to leave a like on your idea and should it reach enough votes, it'll become a Live Idea again 🙂


Have a nice day!



I got an idea while using Spotify! We can add a track, an album, a playlist in our queue but we can't make it shuffle... It's a pity, it would be enough to go to our queue and have a 'shuffle' button.


Years ago you were able to shuffle your queue. I liked this feature a lot and was sad when it was taken away. it's nice because how I may want to listen to specific songs, I am usually indifferent to the sequence of them unless I'm listening to an album -- and would rather them be shuffled a lot of the time. This feature is nice for hanging out with friends, car rides, parties, and workouts. ESPECIALLY with the new feature of multiple devices being able to add songs to the same queue.