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Allow saved albums to be sorted into folders

At the moment, to save an album to an organisable collection, you need to create a playlist for the album. Otherwise you have a long randomly sorted list of albums which is not nice to look for an album to listen to in.


If you could add saved albums into folders it would remove the need to create an entire playlist for each album you want to organise into your collection. 


In particular, with classical music it is much more useful to organize a collection by whole albums rather than by individual tracks. To go a little further with this suggestion, it would be very helpful to have multiple levels of subfolders to be able to effectively organize a collection. E.g., 'classical -> mozart -> symphonies' and 'classical -> mozart -> operas.' I like this suggestion to have folders in the library, and I would add that I've wanted to be able to use subfolders to organize playlists for a long time.


While we are able to organize our Playlists with folders, we are bound to have no way to organize our Albums.

Would be nice to be able to use folders in Albums too, that would allow to slim the library with creators with a huge discography.