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Create a playlist that automatically adds songs from other playlists

Status: Live Idea

I want to create some playlists that are more specific and have the songs I add there automatically be added to playlists that are more general. For example, I might create a "Brazilian" playlist (this is the more general playlist). Then I would create some playlists like "samba", "bossa nova", "brazilian rap", etc. When I add a song to (for example) the "samba" playlist, I want it to automatically be added to the "Brazilian" playlist.


Is this possible? If not, could this feature be added?


Currently, I have to add a song manually to both the specific and more general playlists, which is a waste of time.




Hey @alexcewing 


Good idea! You should post it in the Idea Submissions forum and it may be considered for future versions of the app.


Just be sure to check out if the idea is already there. If it's not, submit it after reading the idea submission guidelines. 🙂


Thank you @osornios


I seem to be unable to do so. I get an "Access Denied" page when clicking through the links you provided, with the explanation: "You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action."


I posted here after searching and failing to find find any posts about this, although it's a difficult one to search. Most posts you find are complaining about, and trying to remove, songs Spotify has added to playlists automatically, as opposed to a user-defined structure like I'm proposing. There are posts about adding playlists to other playlists, which is a function that exists, but this is a one-time event. After adding playlist1 to playlist2, playlist2 will not update if playlist1 gets another song added to it in the future.


I think one reason why my idea may not exist is the potential for issues stemming from recursion. One could imagine playlists ballooning in size, becoming unmanageable. I think those issues could be dealt with via some simple rules. For example, there could be a rule that a "superset" playlist (a playlist containing at least one other playlist) cannot be included in another superset playlist. Or: no playlist can contain a playlist that references it, i.e., playlist1 cannot include playlist2 if playlist2 already contains playlist1. I'm not a computer programmer and am not sure if this is difficult or not on the backend.