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[Discover] Find public Playlists that contain Song/Artist

My theory (not rocket science):


If someone else's playlist includes a song or artists that I like, there is a good change that I will enjoy the rest of their playlist. 


Currently, you can only search for public playlists via playlist name.  Considering that most people do not name their playlists to accurately reflect the type of music it contains, I believe that the current search functionality is quite limited. 


Spotify should have functionality to search for public playlists that contain a song/artist.  I think would be immensly helpful for music discovery.  


Best of luck, 



P.S. - Down the line, it would be interesting to see "similarity scores" between two playlists.  Could be quite interesting for finding new music.  

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks.

Thanks again for all your votes and comments.
We're still keeping an eye on this idea, but at this time we don't have an update.


I've been so frustrated with this! I thought I just couldn't find the right spot on the interface.


I started using Spotify for music discovery and I would love to see playlists that other people have made that have songs on them that I love. I totally get that there are probably an overwhelming amount of playlists out there, but maybe the results could be returned by number of followers?


Is there a timeline for implementation? It looks like this request almost 6 years old with people still commenting regularly. Any hope?


Would really love this feature. This is by far the top missing feature for me personally, after using Spotify for 4 years.


This is one of the major reasons why I use Apple Music instead of Spotify. I love searching for playlists that contain a song I enjoy, and can listen to a slew of related songs. Wake up and smell the coffee, Spotify. Now that Apple Music users can make their playlists public, it’s starting to give Spotify a run for its money.


This is such a good idea, it feels like a feature that already exists- why doesn't it??!

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated on 2017-10-25

Hey folks, we wanted to revisit this idea as it has received a lot of votes from you. We are definitely looking at some improvements to search for 2018, but this exact feature is still not on our current roadmap. Please rest assured we've raised this idea and the votes with the teams behind Search. They're aware of your feedback and will let us know if anything changes around this. Thank you for continuing to bring your ideas to the Community Exchange!


OK, thanks for letting us know.  As for me, I've canceled my Premium Spotify subscription and I'll see everyone on Apple Music (bananajr there as well).  To be clear: it's this feature that is the dealbreaker.  Spotify has demonstrated that they believe that their algorithms will do a better job of introducing me to new music.  Their algorithms are good as algorithms go, but like most machine learning, all it does is introduce me to music that the statistically average person likes.  For $10/month, I'd like a service that lets me connect with real, above-average people.


this needs to happen! will help so many artists that don't make genre specific music




If the SEARCH TEAM of Spotify does not see the real benefit of this feature, I would replace all people in that team as they obviously have no clue about how great this feature would help... 


Why can you not tell us the real reasons why Spotify Search Team is not implementing this. WHY? WHY?? WHY???


vote for this feature


I guess it's so they can control what is listened to? It just seems like some common sense besides that.