The idea is simple. You would have 2 options. Enable/disable eavesdropping and enable/disable to be eavesdropped.

If you enable eavesdropping, you will be able to eavesdrop all devices nearby that have their device enabled to be eavesdropped and you can see what they listen at the moment. Imagine how many different songs would you be able to hear that other people listen to? Ultimate source of new songs. From heavy metal from that guy with the military bombers and a leather jacket, to some new rap music from that guy that acts all cool in the bus. Possibilities are endless. 

Updated on 2022-03-03

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Music Fan

This would be a cool way to discover music.

Casual Listener

This is such a cool idea! Would be nice to have this work with podcasts too. If this idea is implemented, I would suggest having a constant indication if this mode is turned on (kind of like how the Private Session is indicated at the bottom of the mobile app). I personally wouldn't want to forget if I left the Eavesdrop mode on and was in a situation where I didn't want other people to listen to what I'm listening to lol.

Casual Listener

This is a great idea! I feel like it could work in unity with the private session, so if someone has a private session you wouldn’t be able to do this but otherwise you could. Adds a little privacy to those who want it.

Casual Listener

This seems like a really good idea and a great way to discover new music or even make new friends! I would love to see this implemented

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Maybe passive and on by default, through Bluetooth? Could run in the same way as Nearby Share and/or AirDrop so that people listening offline can get in on it too! It could also be easier to add new friends 🙂

Not applicable

Regardless of the option having to be turned on (& I hope its initial status is disabled until the user enables it), wouldn't this still be a breach of privacy as it wouldn't be too hard to tell which person on the train is listening to what etc?

Casual Listener

@opinionated I must disagree that this would be any kind of beach, especially of privacy as the user is directly affecting the status of the Eavesdrop option and can willingly let other people see what they listen. I must stress that this would be solely the end user choice so the data that they would share would only be the music they currently listen and nothing more than that.

This and also option to invite them to join a group session