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Increase the amount of pins available in Your Library

Wow. Spotify is a mess now. And one more thing to add to the list: you can only pin FOUR items (playlists, podcasts) in "Your Library". I'm trying to use the pins to organize my library so that I try and make this new design actually work for me, and then I quickly encounter the error message: 


"You're out of pins. You can only have 4 items pinned at once."


FOUR??? Why only four? What sense does that make? I guess Spotify isn't making a product for people who like to listen to lots of music and podcasts, they're just making it for people who have a maximum of four playlists or podcasts that they listen to. If I had so few things I listened to, I wouldn't be paying for Spotify Premium. 


Pro Tip: you should fire anyone who was leading this new design overhaul. They clearly are trying to sabotage your company. 

Updated on 2022-08-07

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  1. Increase limit of pins to 20

The new Your Library page only lets you pin four things. This is an arbitrary number with no purpose. We should be able to pin however many playlists we want.


Yeah this is stupid! I hate the new layout, and it’s extremely stupid that there are only 4 pins.


i like the new layout but i don‘t get why there have to be any artificial limits this doesn‘t make any sense


I really don't like the new layout and pins I mean what the **bleep** in the world were Spotify developers thinking that they only decided to give only 4 pins to user please fix it.

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Updated on 2021-05-25

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I agree only 4 pins is just not reasonable. I could understand for free users as incentive to buy Premium but we're out here paying upwards to $10 a month for simply just no ads at this point; no added perks


How can you hate the UI when the new UI BROUGHT the pins. Those 2 statements put together lack common sense. But yes there shouldn't be a limit. Give us at least 10. 


Agreed, seem really odd thing to limit. Especially so when a phone can almost fit 7 objects on screen in list mode and almost 6 in grid mode. But still the limit should be more like 16, or no limit at all.

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