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Live Concert on Spotify


My suggestion is to include live stream of concerts (audio or even audio and video) which happen all over the world with a live chat for the followers of the artist for us premium users. I think this would be a big marketing deal for Spotify and the artists. 

Thanks for listening!


adding to your song-animations and combining the feature of upcoming artists, maybe you can have a PPV or tiered subscription where listeners can join an in-app visual live stream of their favourite artists in concert? 


for example i like Raveena, but she's only doing a USA tour in 2025 or something and for the dates, i already have prior commitments or just can't afford to travel. could there be a way to live stream a concert like how you have "upcoming concerts in your area" and you can join in if it's possible through an agreement between Spotify and the musician to stream/record their concert.