[Mobile] Create & manage Playlist Folders

It would be nice to be able to better organize playlists in folders on the mobile apps.  Or at the very least, specify which folder a playlist should go in when it is first created.  Right now, in iOS, any playlists that I create are just added to the main list, without giving the option to put them in a folder, and it is not possible to move playlists to/from folders.  I'm assuming this will be the same on Android when it is implemented.

Updated on 2019-10-29

Hey folks,
We really appreciate so many of you coming to the Community, adding your votes and comments to this idea!
For now we'll be keeping this idea at 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
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Love this 💚💛💖


Any update on this? The iPhone Spotify app really lacks this basic feature. 

How old is this suggestion?

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Hmmm. Does this make it better or worse?


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I agree. We need this feature ASAP!


Organizing is pretty hard when it's only possible on the desktop because when you find new play lists they can't be organized right away if your not close to a computer.


That's really frustrating because most of the time when you are at work and playing Spotify, you don't want to organize your playlist. So at the end of the week or month you end up with a lot of playlists that can't be organized when you are on your phone. 


It would be pretty helpful if this is possible, so I can organize everything right away on the fly. Just add a wiggle mode in the corner, so you can drag and drop play lists and make new folders.


While you're at it, maybe give people the chance to swap photo's from playlists on their phone's!


This needs to be fixed asap. Totally frustrated to the lack of this feature. Using folders is really one of the best features in Spotify but now it’s almost useless since not available on mobile.

Remeber guys it’s 2021 and you should by now really consider going mobile first.


iPad is the main computer for more and more people.

Application is still not on par with desktop application on folder management.

Please add this long awaited feature ! We're in 2021 ! How can you manage hundreds of playlist without folders ? 

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I'm pretty sure this isn't a feature because it's something that only a small percent of users would actually use. If they added it, it'd only be in the way for almost all users. If this is the case, it makes total sense. That being said, I use folders as well, and not even being able to put a playlist into a folder is a major pain.


What if, instead, there was an experimental features section in settings where you could turn folders on. Just a thought!


To be fair, I don’t understand Spotify on this. It’s either a feature or not. Here it’s a feature on some devices. That doesn’t make sense.


Still, I’m trying to migrate my spotify library to a none folder version using the other features like “follow artist” or “like playlist”. I don’t understand how it makes sense for others. I’m interested in 300-400 artists and probably really want to keep 30 playlists I created myself + 10-20 spotify made playlists I listen pretty often. Everything is at the same level : you either know what you looking for then search or hope you’ll bump into something great browsing the endless list. It’s pretty useless really.


Probably most people are interested in 20-50 artists in the same genres so for them it’s not a problem. When you like many  different genres and many different artists, Spotify is not the way to go.