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[Queue] Queue to Next or Last

Present two options on rightclick, Queue Last and Queue Next. Very easy to implement, and useful. 


The way I been using spotty lately is to keep adding to Play Queue, it has gotten really long and sometimes I want to listen to something right now, then I have to add to queue and then move the songs all the way up to the top.


Mediamonkey have had this implemented since long ago. Mediamonkey is btw the best musicorganizer I've ever owned or tried. 

Updated on 2023-03-28

Hey there,


Thanks for this submission. We had a slight hiccup with moving ideas to different boards, but it's all good now.


We're setting the status of this one as "not right now", but that doesn't mean that your votes don't count.




you have that already in banshee. i love that about banshee.


So, still nothing on this? Has anyone heard from Spotify about this? I'd be happy with a keyboard shortcut!


I starting searching around because I could not understand why this ESSENTIAL function was seemingly being ignored by Spotify. I came across this:


From Spotify: "Once an idea reaches 100 kudos, the idea officially entered into the idea review process (not before). This means, when an idea reaches 100 kudos we review the idea in our weekly community meeting.  At this point, we'll review the idea and its comments then pass the idea on to the relevant team for review.We don't promise every idea will get built, but we'll make sure we clarify the reasons why if the idea just isn't right for us or if it isn't the right time for development." 



Maybe some of you know about the 100 kudos rule, but I didn't. So, we are just (as of right now) 15 kudos away from being forwarded to the staff. Let's try and get some friends and family that we have who are members to give it the remaining kudos that are needed. We could get this done very quickly!  😃





This is already implemented - on PC/Mac at least, not on mobile. Just below "Messages" on the left side panel, you find "Play queue", and from that playlist, you can just drag n' drop the songs in order. 



Troelsy, read the suggestion again, and please add Kudos so it will finally get considered for implementation. 


I've been wanting this feature ever since I started using Spotify over a year ago.


There needs to be an option in both the Spotify desktop app and the mobile apps to Queue NEXT or Queue LAST. Currently the iPhone app plays the song next when added to the play queue, whereas the desktop app plays it last. There needs to be more consistency between the desktop app and the mobile apps, and this is one feature that needs attention!


It would be great to see play queue integrated with play history and available across devices & systems.


I would also very much like to have this.


Would LOVE a 'queue next' context item.  My current workflow involves:


- right click -> queue

- click on Play Queue

- find the bottom of the queued songs

- drag one or more songs up to the top


Queue Next would be amazing!

About time this happens. Google Play Music got this also, and cheaper per month. Considering...

Well, I'm just leaving Spotify and goind back to Rdio, seriously! Spotify's queue is useless!