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Shuffle whole library

Can you please add a feature that allows you to shuffle your whole library? (Everything you have downloaded)








(iPhone X, PC, Apple Car Play)

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(iOS, Windows 10, Apple Car Play.)


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Is it possible to start a random play from all songs in my library? I know that I can play my liked songs (in german: Lieblingssongs) in a random mode. But I would like to do this with all songs (and albums) in my library. 
And of cause it would be great, if it also would be possible with Apple car Play in my car. 

(This option is possible with Amazon Music. When I say "Alexa, play my favorite songs", it starts playing songs from my entire library and similar songs I might like (except x-mas songs)). 

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Hi there @LumpieMax1,


Thanks for the post.


Currently it's not possible to shuffle all the songs from your library including your Liked Songs and playlists. 


You can use the new smart shuffle feature to shuffle a playlist or your Liked Songs and Spotify will automatically add similar music that you might like between every few songs. 


You can also add your +Vote to this Idea: Shuffle multiple selected playlists. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely it is to get implemented as a feature.


Hope this info helps.

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Updated on 2023-10-06

Hello @sarah-james2!

I marked your idea as a New Suggestion. Thanks for bringing your feedback to the Spotify Community. I'd recommend checking out this article for more info on how the Ideas Exchange is managed.

Have a nice day 🙂


This needs to be a feature. 


WHY is this not a normal feature? This will be the main reason I cancel. It's something iTunes has had for 15-20 years. It's ridiculous that Spotify doesn't have something so normal. 


Spotify needs to have the option to play random songs from liked songs or artists without having to make a playlist.  This will be why I cancel my subscription that I started less than a week ago.


Today thats only possible from the computer. Perfect when you want to shuffle between new and old playlists that you have.