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Starred Songs : More generic sounding than "Liked" while still being just as INSANELY useful !!

Instead of a "Liked Songs" playlist with heart symbols, how about a "Starred Songs" playlist with star symbols?


Why? Because there's a VARIETY of reasons for tagging tracks/songs other than just "liking" them. So, a more generic term and symbol, to me, makes more sense.


I never actually listen to my "Liked Songs" playlist; however, I turned on the heart symbol (temporarily) to many tracks at a time for a variety of reasons while BUILDING PLAYLISTS, and then cleared out my Liked Songs when done building.


Being able to TAG tracks for whatever reason (not just "liking") is INSANELY useful, and now it is gone. I've fallen back to using the download symbol, which means I'm now POINTLESSLY downloading (and later un-downloading) dozens (sometimes hundreds) of tracks at a time. This really sucks.


It WAS a star, years back! And there were many comments here when it was taken away. Eventually, the heart appeared. Spotify just likes breaking things, I think.


I expect Spotify to consider songs with heart more in the suggestions than "heartless" tracks. So if the star does the same in your suggestion, just changing the symbol doesn't matter.




RE: bolfh: My "star idea" is me being somewhat sarcastic. The point is we NEED this "tagging" functionality regardless of the symbol.


I would go as far as to say that it is one of the most important things that sets it apart from most other services (that I'm now seriously looking into as an alternative for our Premium Spotify Family Plan).


I would prefer to be able to choose between the star 🌟 or heart ♥️ symbol for liked songs




It could be a star, a heart, a thumbs-up, a middle finger, whatever, I don't care.


I think you may have missed the point of my "idea". It's not about "liking" a song. It's about being able to tag or mark a track for whatever reason. Typically, it's done temporarily, to assist with building playlists. I was often tagging tracks with the heart to help build a playlist, then when done building, I would clear out my Liked Songs playlist. Do I ever listen to my Liked Songs playlist? No. But it's a nice place to find them all, select them all, and remove them all when I'm done with them.


Now I'm forced to use the download symbol as an alternative by setting the Liked Songs playlist as "downloaded". But it's a poor alternative, because I'm not downloading "liked" songs for the intended purpose of listening offline. I'm only doing it for turning on (and later turning off) the symbol. Also, I'm wasting time and bandwidth while waiting for all my "liked" songs to download, over and over and over again. This really sucks.


Vote for "Additional Green Checkmark for Same Song on OTHER Albums"